5 C-Drama Coaches We Would Love To Train With

The glint of determination, the unwavering focus, and a pitch-perfect performance on field, there is an attractive aura which surrounds athletes. From a maverick snooker champ to a Formula 1 driver whose need for speed can make him overtake any challenge or the smooth operator who is a master of strategy when it comes to eSports, C-dramas have given us some inspiring role models. They’re ordinary men with exceptional talents which make them rather extraordinary. They inspire and instill confidence with the conviction to go forward against all odds. Here are five C-drama sportsmen who would be awesome as coaches as well as boyfriends given their irresistible charm.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

The maverick genius Lin Yi Yang (Leo Wu), who plays by his own rules, was once hailed the  uncrowned prince of the billiard table. However, in a fit of rage, he chose to retire at age 16 and has never since looked back on his past or sporting career. 11 years later, he has not only moved countries but is a student working on his PhD thesis. His friends call him a shadow of the proud man he once was.

But it all changes after he meets Yin Guo (Zhao Jin Mai), a snooker champ who arrives in Finland for a competition. It’s love at first sight for Yi Yang, but Yin Guo revokes and reignites in him the love for the game. The one-time champ is all set to sharp shoot on the snooker table once again.

There is no denying that Leo Wu has eternalized Lin Yi Yang as one of the best screen lovers of all time. Apart from being dedicated and caring, it’s his quiet determination and stoicism which make him one of the most enigmatic and endearing characters. His love for the game apart, he is also someone who nurtures talent and wants to give back to the sport. He is also progressive in his mindset: he cheers on his girlfriend and is happy to bask in her glory and likewise celebrates as the women outdo the men in the championship. Now who wouldn’t want him as a coach and boyfriend? (Though caution to be exercised since his gorgeous face could well distract lessons.)

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The King’s Avatar

Ye Xiu (Yang Yang) is a professional eSports player for the game Glory. But when he is coerced into leaving his team on grounds of expulsion, he announces his retirement. Ye Xiu may have called it quits for his naysayers, but the enterprising man has another ace up his sleeve. He starts working at an internet cafe and gets back into the professional gaming scene once again, this time with a rag-tag bunch of players. Under his guidance, he propels the so-called team of nobodies into a force to be reckoned with.

“The King’s Avatar” is not just for fans of eSports, but its core message of determination, friendship, and brotherhood is a universal appeal. Each character has a well-written arc, and their individual stories are immersive. Yang Yang as the charismatic and brilliant Ye Xiu holds the show seamlessly. He is a hard taskmaster and disciplinarian but also an empathetic and compassionate leader.

“Skate Into Love”

Li Yu Bing (Steven Zhang) is the university star hockey player, popularly called the “Ice God.” However, in the past he was nothing like his present confident self. A timid sorts, Li Yu Bing was mercilessly bullied by his desk-mate Tang Xue (Wu Qian). But despite their star crossed relationship, both dreamed of having a career in skating. However, Tang Xue has given up on her ambition to be a speed skater, whilst Yu Bing is the college sought-after athlete. When they meet at university, Yu Bing’s past animosity comes to the surface, and he gets set to exact his revenge on having Tang Xue be his assistant on the University team. However, they skid past the enemy lines, and Yu Bing finds himself warming toward Tang Xue and instills in her the confidence to rediscover her passion for skating once again. As the two skate into love, they stand tall in the face of many challenges, family, as well as peers in the pursuit to achieve their dreams.

“Skate Into Love” is a sweetly inspiring drama of facing challenges, following your passion, and young love. Steven Zhang’s Li Yu Bing is a cool and dedicated sportsman. Fiercely dedicated to his team, it is through his own inspiring journey of fighting against the odds to achieve his dream that he instills belief and conviction. As a boyfriend he is also caring, and as a player he is a force to be reckoned with. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to sign up with him and learn some rules of ice hockey?

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“We Go Fast On Trust”

For as long as he can remember, Chen Mo Bai (Zhai Zi Lu) has aspired to become the best race car driver in the Chinese Super Formula. The constant opposition from his family on the risks and danger imminent in a sport like this as well as it not being a stable career is the major roadblock that he is unable to navigate around. He meets a feisty engineer named Shen Xi (Alice Ke), who is battling her own challenges, professional as well as personal. Given their mutual love for racing as well as the hurdles in the way to pursue their dreams, Chen Mo Bai and Shen Xi strike a friendship, which soon turns into love. He is inspired by Shen Xi’s perfectionism and defies all odds to participate in the Chinese Super Formula. On the other hand, Chen Mo Bai’s enthusiasm rubs onto Shen Xi and gives her the strength to face her emotional issues and get back on track.

Zhai Zi Lu’s Chen Mo Bai is a man who is deeply committed to his goal. Even though he is burdened with emotional issues, he has a sunny disposition and does not let his past nor the many naysayers come between him and his goal. His single-minded devotion to his cause makes him a reliable and considerate teammate as well as boyfriend.

“We Go Fast On Trust” is set against the high octane background of racing. It serves you the adrenaline rush of racing as well as a slow burn romance along with the required angst and drama. So strap your sea belts and enjoy the ride.

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“Hello, the Sharpshooter”

Tang Xin (Xing Fe) had a crush on the tall and dashing Shen Qing Yuan (Hu Yi Tian) when they were in school. Though she never confessed her feelings, he had told her he would remember her. Years pass, and they have no contact whatsoever with each other. Tang Xin is now a trainee reporter and has been assigned to interview the country’s sought-after 50-meter pistol shooter, who is all set for Olympic glory. The shooter in question is none other than her one time object of affections, Shen Qing Yuan, who is now cold and aloof toward her.

Shen Qing Yuan is unsettled with her presence as she starts following him and the team. He finds her a pesky distraction and feels she is impacting his performance. But could there possibly be another twist, that it is him who is aiming for her attention and not her this time around? Will love, romance, and Olympic glory be his for the taking? But before that, the two have to overcome an issue that may well break them.

“Hello, the Sharpshooter” is a no fuss sports rom-com. In Hu Yi Tian’s Sheng Qing Yuan, one finds a gentle and understanding team leader. Even though he is suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), he tries his best to overcome it. And the cute chemistry between the two leads makes this a breezy watch.

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