Ahn Bo Hyun Becomes The Center Of Multiple Scandals In “Flex x Cop”

SBS’s “Flex x Cop” has unveiled compelling new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!

“Flex x Cop” is about immature third-generation chaebol Jin Yi Soo (Ahn Bo Hyun) who becomes a detective due to his privileged background and Lee Kang Hyun (Park Ji Hyun), a workaholic veteran detective who is also the first female team leader in the Homicide Department.


In the previous episode, a severely wounded man arrived at Jin Yi Soo’s family residence in the dead of night, secretly climbing the fence before succumbing to his injuries while attempting to make a phone call. The discovery of his body sent shockwaves through both Jin Yi Soo’s family and his investigative team. The mystery surrounding the man’s identity and the purpose of his visit to Jin Myung Cheol’s (Jang Hyun Sung) home while on the brink of death continues to unravel.

In the newly released stills, Jin Yi Soo, Lee Kang Hyun, Park Joon Young (Kang Sang Joon), and Choi Kyung Jin (Kim Shin Bi) arrive at the scene and start their investigation. Of particular note is Jin Yi Soo’s demeanor; usually characterized by playfulness, he now stands frozen in front of the deceased man’s body.

Furthermore, even Yi Soo’s stepmother Jo Hee Ja (Jeon Hye Jin), known for her resentment and antagonism towards him, appears unusually anxious and terrified, adding to the tension of the scene.

In another set of stills, Yi Soo is facing a swarm of reporters, resembling a gathering storm cloud hovering over his house. In stark contrast to his usual confident demeanor, Yi Soo stands alone amidst the flashing cameras, appearing vulnerable, like a lost child in a crowd.

Famous on social media and hailed as a noble chaebol detective, Yi Soo has been a valuable asset to his father Jin Myung Cheol’s mayoral election campaign. However, with rumors surfacing about him being an illegitimate child and the mystery surrounding the man’s death, viewers are curious to find out how it will affect both Yi Soo and Jin Myung Cheol’s campaign.

To discover how Yi Soo will navigate his most challenging crisis yet, be sure not to miss the next episode of “Flex x Cop” airing on March 15 at 10 p.m. KST!

While waiting, watch Ahn Bo Hyun in “Yumi’s Cells”:

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