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This is it! After 24 episodes, “Branding in Seongsu” has come to an end, and what a ride it has been. This is one of those dramas that always keeps you on your toes, giving multiple turns and twists, going back and forth with the plot, and multiple characters, making it easy to keep watching until the very end. Though it is difficult to pinpoint every single detail among the whirlwind of emotions, revelations, and surprises these last episodes have, here are the top five conclusions of this incredible drama.

Warning: spoilers from episodes 21-24 below!

1. Kang Na Eon uncovering Director Han’s skims

Last week, we found Kang Na Eon (Kim Ji Eun) didn’t want to actually help the small company that first developed the battery idea, making So Eun Ho (Lomon) believe that she was gonna help Director Han get away with the theft of intellectual property once again. However, just as everyone had hoped, she comes forward with the truth in front of the big corporation’s president, revealing the mismanagement within his company and in Segye Group.

This gives So Eun Ho a small sliver of hope that she isn’t as bad as he originally thought, which at the same time makes it harder for him to perform his plans of revenge against her. As her last act of goodwill towards Eun Ho, Na Eon changes bodies with him and gives him the last piece of evidence which clarifies that she always intended to make a collaboration and not steal their candle idea, and that it was ultimately Segye Group’s decision to erase Bandi candle from the branding proposal five years ago.

2. So Eun Ho and Kang Na Eon letting go of the past

If there was a character that could get anyone confused in this drama, it was Kang Na Eon. She is a cold, calculative, and professional sort of person, but deep down inside she had demons and insecurities that prevented her from really becoming closer to the people who cared for her. However, that icy shell finally starts to melt the moment she meets So Eun Ho, who is a character with a deeper, darker, and more emotional background than everyone thought in the beginning.

With the realization that Kang Na Eon wasn’t responsible for his misfortune, he finds it almost impossible to continue hating her and finally asks her to let go of the past, giving up on his plans of revenge and hoping for the two of them to heal the pain that it caused them. At the end, they share a kiss, finally admitting to each other’s feelings. Though throughout the drama there wasn’t that much romance, they definitely shared a special bond and an undeniable chemistry that ended up in them falling in love.

3. Discovering the culprit behind Kang Na Eon’s attack

Now that they have turned the page on the past, they start to focus on the last loose ends that are left. First off, Kang Na Eon finally gets a hold of one missing piece in the puzzle – the original video recording from the security camera of the night of her accident – that will lead her to the culprit behind the attempt. Though there were many suspects since the beginning, with even So Eun Ho seeming like a likely suspect, the video finally reveals Cha Jeong Woo (Kim Ho Young) as the person behind the rabbit mask.

Though Eun Ho’s first response to the news is turning him to the police, Na Eon sets up a trap in order to lure him in and get the truth behind his actions. She is convinced that he didn’t actually try to kill her, but the unhealthy obsession that he has towards her definitely got the worst of him. When Jeong Woo has no other choice, he confesses that the person behind it all was Min Hee Jeong (Ahn Yun Hong), Na Eon’s direct superior and the person who also took responsibility for the plagiarized work that led to the accident of Bandi Candle.

4. Kang Na Eon and So Eun Ho teaming up to catch the villain

As it turns out, it is Na Eon’s mentor and role model who is the ultimate villain in this story. Min Hee Jeong not only tried to kill her once, but is actually trying to get rid of everyone on her way to becoming a CEO in Segye Group. Given that this time it’s not only Na Eon’s career, but her and Eun Ho’s lives that are on line, she prepares once again to have one last face off against a rival, teaming up with her fabulous Underdog team and So Eun Ho, who are ready to bring down the villain.

And their efforts don’t go in vain. Right when Min Hee Jeong thinks she has got what she wanted, Na Eon frustrates her plans, uncovering all her wrongdoings and revealing that she was behind every failure and scandal that involved Segye, including the attempts of murder and the fire that took the life of Eun Ho’s lover. Despite the similarity in their characters, it is obvious that in the end, Na Eon chose the right path and didn’t let her greed cloud her judgment like it happened to her mentor, finally giving us the character development everyone hoped for since the first episode.

5. So Eun Ho and Kang Na Eon having a new start together

It seemed like there was no better ending to this drama than the villains paying for their crimes, friendships being restored, and Kang Na Eon ascending as the CEO of Seongsu agency. However, there was one loose end left, at least for So Eun Ho. Despite accepting his feelings for Na Eon and letting go of his painful past, he still has some issues to resolve on his own, and unfortunately those lingering feelings can’t be resolved within Seongsu agency. So, he decides to leave, but not without the promise to come back soon.

Fast forward to one year later, we see a very similar situation to the first episode, however, this time Na Eon is a totally different person, more easygoing and less hard on herself. And that is exactly how she meets Eun Ho again, with the latter completely out of remorse or hatred, ready to give himself completely to Na Eon and sealing their love with one last kiss.

“Branding in Seongsu” might’ve had ups and downs, but it gave us a full circle in terms of plot, chemistry between the leads, and drama, which is something to be grateful for. And that is how we say goodbye to it for now, hoping we’ll get to see the cast in another great drama together in the future!

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