8 Idols Who Look So Good With Blonde Hair That They Seem Like Natural Blondes

Cycling through hair colors seems to be part of an idol’s job description at this point, and there are so many stars who can rock any color. Others find their color of choice and stick to it! Kudos to these idols for keeping up with all the maintenance that comes with having bleach-blonde hair—and slaying it!

IVE’s Liz

IVE’s Liz has had blonde hair on and off since debut, and she looks absolutely fantastic with it! The lighter color makes sure that all of the attention goes straight to her gorgeous facial features, and her lighter brows also make the shade look super natural on her. She definitely knows what suits her!

Stray Kids’ Felix

There’s been hardly a moment since Stray Kids’ debut where Felix hasn’t had his hair bleached—his scalp must be super strong! While he’s experimented with other colors, he usually comes back to this shade of light blond. It looks super natural and makes his freckles stand out, which is one of his best features!

LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon

Kim Chaewon recently bleached her hair for LE SSERAFIM’s latest comeback, and she looks totally stunning! The mid-tone blonde that’s not too warm and not too cool suits her skin tone really well and makes the blonde seem like it could totally be her natural shade. It’s the perfect color for her!

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

Achieving a blond this light is a feat in and of itself, and Seungkwan is rocking it! While he may not be the member that dyes his hair the most in SEVENTEEN, there’s no denying that this color looks great on him. He’s back to his natural black hair now, but this blond suits him so well that you might’ve been fooled!

Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih

Huening Bahiyyih has had blonde hair for so much of Kep1er’s career that fans might’ve forgotten what her natural dark hair actually looks like! She’s tried out different tones of blonde over the years and proven that she can make any one of them look like the hair color she was born with.

NCT’s Jaemin

It seems like Jaemin has a new hair color for every comeback, and he can rock them all. However, this mixed dirty blond seemed to be particularly cool and effortless-looking on him! It may have been short-lived, but this color looks so natural on him that it’s one to remember.


It may be hard for fans of BLACKPINK to even remember a time when Rosé didn’t have blonde hair! She’s tried out pretty much every tone at this point, and she looks amazing with all of them. The light color suits her delicate features, and it looks so good on her that it might just be her natural color.

TXT’s Soobin

TXT’s leader Soobin had blond hair for last year’s comeback, and it was no surprise that fans went wild when teasers for the group’s upcoming April comeback had a concept where Soobin went blond again! He suits blond hair so well that there’s always excitement when he bleaches his hair.

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