5 Web K-Dramas To Watch If You Miss

Branding in Seongsu” is one of those dramas that is quite unique. It has a complex storyline, great casting, lots of chemistry between the leads, and also funny side characters that bring a light mood to still enjoy the drama and the thriller aspects of the show. That is why it is so hard to find something to fill the void it left after it finished. However, here are some hidden gems among web K-dramas that might help you if you miss watching them.

Revenge Note 1”

If the thing you miss the most from “Branding in Seongsu” is seeing the handsome looks of Lomon, then you definitely must watch “Revenge Note 1.” This highschool web drama is a light and funny show in which Ho Goo Hee (Kim Hyang Gi), a normal teenage girl, after being deceived by her crush, receives a notification in which she is invited to be part of “Revenge Note,” where she can get the people who harasses her to pay back for what they did.

In terms of plot, there’s not much going on in this drama, apart from the mystery of who is behind the revenge note program and why it chose her in the first place. However, you will get a few laughs along the way and kill some time as it has a variety show sort of program. And as an extra bonus, Cha Eun Woo and ASTRO make special appearances, as he plays a close friend of Ho Goo Hee and her family, and it doesn’t take away the lead role and romantic interest from Lomon.

You can watch “Revenge Note 1” below: 

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“High-End Crush”

If what you are craving is a light web drama with an “enemies to lovers” trope, where the leads overcome their differences and fall in love just like in “Branding in Seongsu,” then “High-End Crush” is the answer for you. In this 2015 K-drama the plot revolves around Choi Se Hoon (Jung Il Woo), a successful idol manager who is on the lookout for his next big project, as he has a special eye to find hidden jewels. He discovers Lee Yi Ryung (Jin Se Yeon), a beautiful and not-at-all interested in fame young woman who at first finds his offer almost ridiculous.

However, upon seeing her beauty, Choi Se Hoon falls in love at first sight, and he will have to find a way to win her heart. This drama is the perfect recipe for a boring day in which you don’t want to spend so much time immersed in a drama as it has very short episodes and a fast-paced story line. Plus the main leads make a very sweet and cute couple at the end.

You can watch “High-End Crush” below: 

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You Raise Me Up

One of the most endearing things in “Branding in Seongsu” is seeing the couple let go of their insecurities, pains, and heal together. If you are looking for a drama with a similar plot, or at least has that same feeling, then “You Raise Me Up” is the one for you. Have you ever dreamed of meeting your first love and rekindling your relationship? But, what if that person has hit rock bottom and is not the person you always thought they would be? That is exactly what happens in “You Raise Me Up.”

In this romantic comedy, Do Yong Shik (Yoon Shi Yoon) and Lee Ru Da (Hani) reconnect in quite a dramatic way when he goes for an appointment with the urologist just to find out his doctor is Lee Ru Da. As she finds out the poor condition and lack of self-esteem he possesses, she decides to help him, falling in love all over again. This drama will definitely make you tear up once or twice, but don’t worry, there are laughs along the way as well.

You can watch “You Raise Me Up” below:

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Ending Again

Another drama that might help you overcome the lack of Kang Na Eon and So Eun Ho is “Ending Again.“ This show has that “enemies to lovers” trope but also adds in a fake marriage plus revenge on the ex into the plot. Cha In Young (Jo Soo Min) and Do Yoon Soo (Kim Geon Won) see their fates intertwine when they must fake their marriage in order to get a place where to live. However,  everything gets complicated when Cha In Young’s ex boyfriend, Yoo Chan Hee (Kang Hee), comes into the picture.

Just like “Branding in Seongsu,” you will see a lot of misunderstandings between the main leads at first, but you’ll also find out how they slowly get closer until they inevitably fall for each other, without leaving behind the spicy touch of getting back at the nasty ex-boyfriend who only tries to separate them. If you are looking for an easy-to-watch but with a solid plot kind of drama, then don’t miss the chance now.

You watch “Ending Again” below:

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The Man’s Voice

The fantasy element cannot be missed in this list, and so “The Man’s Voice” is the answer. This 2021 web K-drama starring Choi Tae Joon and Song Ji Eun tells the story of a clumsy and kindhearted girl who has a massive crush on a handsome and successful pilot, so much so that in a moment of desperation, she accepts to watch after his cat, despite the fact that her family will oppose the idea. While taking care of the cat, she is hit by lightning, and though she doesn’t end up greatly injured, she gets the ability to communicate with the cat.

If you love animals and are in the mood to watch a chaotic combo between a dorky woman who tries to woo her handsome crush and a grumpy old cat who disapproves of her every action, then this is a perfect K-drama for you. You will find a solid cast along with a simple yet funny storyline that is enhanced by the comedy of the cat’s voice, and you will start watching for the romance and ultimately stay for the cat.

 You can watch “The Man’s Voice” below: 

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