Kim Moo Yeol Is Former Special Forces-Turned-Ruthless Villain In New

The newest installment of the hit film “The Outlaws” has unveiled a sneak peek into Kim Moo Yeol’s character!

The highly-anticipated fourth installment to Ma Dong Seok’s hit action film “The Outlaws,” “The Roundup : Punishment” tells the story of detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) fighting against villains Baek Chang Ki (Kim Moo Yeol), a former special forces mercenary who runs an online illegal gambling organization, and Jang Dong Chul (Lee Dong Hwi), an IT genius, through cooperating with Jang Yi Soo (Park Ji Hwan) and the Metropolitan Police Investigation Unit and Cyber Team.

The newly released stills capture Baek Chang Ki exuding an aura of commanding charisma and icy resolve, establishing himself as the newest antagonist in the saga. With a background in special forces, Baek Chang Ki is depicted as a merciless figure who is unflinching in his pursuit of personal gain, ready to commit any sin without hesitation.

Additional images showcase Baek Chang Ki’s adeptness in combat, wielding his signature dagger with precision while casting a chilling gaze that spells doom for anyone who crosses his path.

Revealing that he gained 10 kilograms [approximately 22 pounds] of weight to perfectly showcase Baek Chang Ki’s robust yet agile action, Kim Moo Yeol remarked, “Baek Chang Ki wields a dagger and relies on technique to overpower his opponents, so I made efforts not just to gain weight indiscriminately but to build a body suitable for the character. One day, I dedicated the entire day to having extensive discussions with the [other] actors and production team to [discuss how to] make Baek Chang Ki a powerful villain.”

Building anticipation for his character, Kim Moo Yeol teased, “Baek Chang Ki is a man of action, not words, so he adeptly navigates crises as they arise. You can expect great combat prowess from him.”

“The Roundup : Punishment” is set to be released on April 24.

Until then, watch the original “The Outlaws” with subtitles below:

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Also check out “The Roundup”:

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