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Wi Ha Joon and Jung Ryeo Won’s upcoming drama “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” (previously known as “Graduation”) is gearing up for its premiere!

A new drama by director Ahn Pan Seok, who produced various hit romance dramas such as “Something in the Rain,” “One Spring Night,” and “Secret Love Affair,” “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” is set against the backdrop of Daechi, a neighborhood renowned as the epicenter of private education in Korea. The plot centers around an instructor who tirelessly assists a student named Lee Joon Ho (Wi Ha Joon) in gaining admission to a prestigious university. In a twist of fate, Lee Joon Ho later returns to the academy as a rookie instructor after resigning from a large company because he remains fixated on his first love, his academy teacher Seo Hye Jin (Jung Ryeo Won), even after becoming an adult.

Jung Ryeo Won will play Seo Hye Jin, a star lecturer who has been working in the field for 14 years. Seo Hye Jin is a character who doesn’t know defeat. Just as she was worrying about life and thinking about past regrets, Lee Joon Ho—the cheeky student she helped send to a prestigious university—brings unexpected changes to her life.

Wi Ha Joon will play rookie instructor Lee Joon Ho who shakes up the everyday life and feelings of his past instructor Seo Hye Jin. Leaving behind the opportunity of working at a large company where his future would be guaranteed, Lee Joon Ho returns to hagwon (private educational institution), where his life was dramatically turned around. Although Seo Hye Jin vehemently opposes this, Lee Joon Ho continues to approach Seo Hye Jin.

Along with confirmation of the drama’s May 11 premiere,  “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” unveiled a heart-fluttering first look at the drama. Seo Hye Jin and Lee Joon Ho make exhilarating eye contact while facing each other beneath the same umbrella as the rain pours down at a narrow alley in the Daechi hagwon district. Lee Joon Ho is a miracle case that made Seo Hye Jin a famous instructor. When he returns 10 years later, Seo Hye Jin begins to feel unfamiliar emotions, raising anticipation for their romance.

The production team shared, “Like how much-needed rain gradually wets the ground, the romance [story] that will deeply permeate into the hearts of viewers will deliver heart-fluttering excitement. Please look forward to the heart-fluttering synergy made through the meeting of Jung Ryeo Won, Wi Ha Joon, and director Ahn Pan Seok.”

“The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” will premiere on May 11 and air every Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, watch Wi Ha Joon in “Something in the Rain”:

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