Kim Hye Yoon And Byun Woo Seok's Drama

Upcoming drama “Lovely Runner” has released a character relationship chart!

Based on a popular web novel and penned by “True Beauty” writer Lee Si Eun, “Lovely Runner” is a new time-slip romance drama that asks the question: “What would you do if you had the opportunity to save your ultimate bias?” Kim Hye Yoon stars as Im Sol, a passionate fan devastated by the death of her favorite star Ryu Sun Jae (Byun Woo Seok), who goes back in time to save him.

In the newly released relationship chart, Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol are surprisingly marked as lovers, despite their current connection being just that of a famous celebrity and his fan. How will their connection evolve from idol and fan to something more romantic?

Additionally, the poster indicates that bassist Kim Tae Sung (played by Song Geon Hee) is Im Sol’s former bias. It also hints at a strained relationship between Kim Tae Sung and Ryu Sun Jae, making viewers wonder what might have happened between Kim Tae Sung, Ryu Sun Jae, and Im Sol.

Ryu Sun Jae and Baek In Hyuk (Lee Seung Hyub), a former high school band leader who now leads the group Eclipse, are introduced as best friends who have maintained a close bond since their school days. Baek In Hyuk and Kim Tae Sung, with whom Ryu Sun Jae has a strained relationship, were also bandmates during high school. The complex relationship between Ryu Sun Jae, Kim Tae Sung, and Baek In Hyuk during their high school days is one of the points viewers should look forward to in “Lovely Runner.”

The relationship chart also introduces the families of Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae. Im Sol’s mother, Park Bok Soon (Jung Young Joo), is a strong woman who has raised Im Sol and her brother Im Geum (Song Ji Ho) on her own for 10 years after losing her husband. Park Bok Soon is indicated as having a strained relationship with Ryu Sun Jae’s father, Ryu Geun Duk (Kim Won Hae), while Im Geum has a tense relationship with Im Sol’s best friend, Lee Hyun Joo (Seo Hye Won). The interactions between Im Sol’s family members, including her grandmother Jung Mal Ja (Sung Byung Sook), is another point viewers can anticipate in the drama.

Finally, the chart also features individuals from Ryu Sun Jae’s management company, JNT Entertainment, such as JNT’s CEO Kim (Ahn Sang Woo), Sun Jae’s manager Park Dong Seok (Lee Il Joon), and Eclipse members Hyun Soo (Moon Yong Suk) and Jay (OMEGA X’s Yang Hyuk).

“Lovely Runner” premieres on April 8 at 8:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

In the meantime, watch a trailer for the drama with English subtitles below!

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