Lee Min Ki, Kwak Sun Young, And More Preview Chemistry At Script Reading For Upcoming Drama

Upcoming drama “Crash” has shared new posters and photos from its script reading!

“Crash” is a comedy crime investigation drama about rational individualist Cha Yeon Ho (Lee Min Ki) and Min So Hee (Kwak Sun Young), an ace of a traffic investigation sector who has keen judgment and a warm heart, as they track crimes that occur on the road.

Director Park Jun Woo was present at the script reading along with cast members Lee Min Ki, Kwak Sun Young, Lee Ho Chul, Choi Moon Hee, Baek Hyun Jin, and Yoo Seung Mok.

Lee Min Ki plays Cha Yeon Ho, the new head of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team, who graduated from KAIST. Lee Min Ki showed up to the script reading in a neat suit and glasses, perfectly embodying his nerdy character Cha Yeon Ho. He impressed with his portrayal of Cha Yeon Ho by applying a difficult mathematical theory to a traffic accident and pointing out the chief’s grammar mistakes, all with a serious facial expression that showed off his unique acting style.

Kwak Sun Young exuded a bright and energetic aura as her character Min So Hee, the chief of the TCI team. Min So Hee possesses incredible martial arts and driving skills. She tackles the cases she is assigned to with her unique persistence and determination, relentlessly pushing through until she resolves them. Briefly commenting on how she prepared for the character of Min So Hee, who has good combat skills, Kwak Sun Young revealed, “I practiced at an action school, and it was more fun than I imagined.”

Lee Ho Chul, who plays Woo Dong Woo, a CCTV analyst and automobile specialist, stole the show with his skillful portrayal of a car geek who can identify the model of a car just by looking at the side mirror, while Choi Moon Hee impressed with her portrayal of Eo Hyun Kyung, the youngest member of the TCI team, who has amazing martial arts skills.

Baek Hyun Jin plays the chief of the Namgang Police Station, who is full of ambition and obsessed with getting promoted.

Yoo Seung Mok plays the role of Min So Hee’s father and taxi driver Min Yong Geon. The reason why Min So Hee, an ace desired by all teams, insists on working on the TCI team is because of her father, who raised her alone while working as a taxi driver. Therefore, the father-daughter chemistry between Yoo Seung Mok and Kwak Sun Young is something viewers should look forward to.

Commenting on the script reading, the production team of “Crash” revealed, “The synergy of the actors was flawless,” adding, “’Crash’ is a story about traffic crime, which has never been properly shed light on until now. The story will revolve around the Traffic Crime Investigation Team, portrayed by Lee Min Ki, Kwak Sun Young, Heo Sung Tae (who was unable to attend the script reading due to health reasons), Lee Ho Chul, and Choi Moon Hee.”

The accompanying posters depict the TCI team and the police at the scene of a car accident. In the first poster, police cars are seen approaching the scene of a car accident, while in the second poster, the TCI team and the police are captured around a car crash, seemingly investigating the cause of the accident.

“Crash” will premiere on May 13 at 10 p.m KST.

While you wait, watch Lee Min Ki in “Beauty Inside” with subtitles on Viki below!

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