Update: Song Ha Yoon's Agency Briefly Comments On Her Record Of Forced School Transfer + Denies Relation To Recent Allegations

Updated April 2 KST:

It has been revealed that Song Ha Yoon was forcibly transferred schools over a school violence incident in the past.

Following the statement made earlier today, Song Ha Yoon’s agency King Kong by Starship further commented regarding Song Ha Yoon’s school record of having been forced to transfer schools due to school violence.

They stated, “It is true that Song Ha Yoon was forcibly transferred from Banpo High School [to a new school] in relation to school violence.” They added, “This matter has nothing to do with the ‘Crime Chief’ report. [The actress] does not know the informant at all. We did not bring up her forced transfer record as it was not related to this issue. It will be explained when the time comes.”

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Original Article:

Song Ha Yoon’s agency King Kong by Starship has commented regarding recent school violence allegations.

On April 1, JTBC’s “Crime Chief” brought up allegations against a rising actress (hereafter referred to as “S”), who recently played the role of a villain in a drama, claiming that they were the perpetrator of a school violence incident from 20 years ago.

After speculations arose on online communities claiming that “S” is actress Song Ha Yoon, the actress’s agency King Kong by Starship released the following official statement denying the allegations:

Hello. This is King Kong by Starship.

We want to deliver the agency’s stance regarding the information that was reported regarding our agency’s actress Song Ha Yoon.

The agency recognizes the seriousness of the matter, and in order to confirm the truth after receiving the initial report, we called the informant. Afterwards, we requested a meeting through a messaging app in order to confirm the exact truth, but the informant’s side expressed refusal. Therefore, we requested a call, but we did not receive a response.

After checking the truth with the actress regarding the claims made by the informant, we confirmed that all the relevant information is not true and that the informant is a complete stranger to her.

Currently, the informant’s unilateral claims are causing indiscriminate speculation and presumptions to spread. We earnestly ask that you refreain from speculative reports and unconfirmed truths regarding this.

Thank you.

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Top Photo Credit: King Kong by Starship

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