MBC’s new drama “Chief Detective 1958” has unveiled more stills ahead of its premiere next week!

“Chief Detective 1958” will serve as a prequel to the classic Korean series “Chief Inspector,” which ran for 18 years from 1971 to 1989 and achieved an incredible peak of 70 percent ratings back in its heyday. The drama will follow the story of Park Young Han (Lee Je Hoon), a passionate detective who boasts the highest arrest rate when it comes to petty thieves, as he teams up with three charismatic colleagues to break the norms of corruption.

The newly released stills bring all four detectives from Jongnam Police Station together as they stand firm with determination on their faces. Especially, the stills offer a sneak peek of “rookie detectives” Cho Kyung Hwan (Choi Woo Sung) and Seo Ho Jeong (Yoon Hyun Soo), adding an extra layer of excitement to the anticipated duo of “veteran detectives” Park Young Han and Kim Sang Soon (Lee Dong Hwi).

In the new stills, Cho Kyung Hwan, a robust young man from a rice shop, holds a rice bag with one hand and exudes a sturdy and dignified presence, while Seo Ho Jeong, an elite student from a prestigious university, is seen in his go-to bookstore with a neat appearance and intellectual vibe. As they seem to have no resemblance and appear far from being typical detectives, curiosity arises regarding what kind of role they will play in Jongnam Police Station.

Regarding the drama, Choi Woo Sung briefly commented, “I was already familiar with the original ‘Chief Inspector’ series, and the fact that it’s not a reboot or spin-off but a prequel format appealed to me.” He also described the character’s charm, saying, “He looks strong and intimidating on the outside, but he is actually a warm and kind-hearted person. I aimed to portray Kyung Hwan’s immaturity and the dilemmas it brings.”

Yoon Hyun Soo, too, shared his excitement about taking part in the project by saying, “I remember preparing for the audition to my fullest. Perhaps it was because of that eagerness I was able to participate.” He further explained his character Ho Jeong, stating, “Although he makes mistakes out of too much enthusiasm, his sincerity toward his dream is admirable. I hope viewers will follow his journey as he transforms from a studious young man into a real detective.”

The first episode of “Chief Detective 1958” will air on April 19 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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