6 Swoon-Worthy C-Drama Male Leads Who Are Total Green Flags

For all those romantics at heart, there is no denying that it’s easy to get emotionally involved with the drama unfolding on screen, especially with the swoon-worthy love stories and the couple chemistry which make your heart skip several beats. As you laugh and cry along with your favorite on-screen characters, it is fair to say some of the male leads did manage to sweep us off our feet. These men epitomize charm, passion, resilience, and most of all positivity. They are perfect even in their imperfections and set the bar high when it comes to love and relationships. Here’s a look at six men who stole hearts and are total green flags.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

There is denying that Leo Wu’s Lin Yi Yang in “Amidst a Snowstorm of Love” leads the pack of green flag men on screen. It is love at first sight for Yi Yang, a former snooker champ, when he meets Yin Guo (Zhao Jin Mai), another snooker champ, at a bar one stormy, snowy night. At a loss to express his feelings, his actions speak louder than words. Yin Guo is swept off her feet and is won over by the sheer depth of his feelings, which are pure to say the least. The intensity of his feelings is apparent in his gestures, which may be subtle but leave an impact. From booking her a comfortable hotel room to relax before a game to warming her slippers on a cold day, he even travels halfway across the world to wish her happy birthday. And even when they argue, he has no qualms in being the first to make up and apologize. He is stable, supportive, proud of her achievements, and is happy to bask in her glory. This is a relationship between equals, and it is his unwavering love and sincerity toward Yin Guo which makes him go that extra mile in his own life as well.

Leo Wu has immortalized Lin Yi Yang as one of the dreamiest on-screen characters and set the bar high for what makes a perfect boyfriend. He is hopelessly devoted to Yin Guo in every sense of the word. His patience and endearing charm apart, those hot kisses will surely melt your heart. Lin Yi Yang is indeed boyfriend goals and the Mr. Romantic that many seek.

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You Are My Glory

Yu Tu (Yang Yang) is a brilliant aerospace engineer who is conflicted on whether he should pursue his chosen profession or go toward something more financially viable. It is during this so called sabbatical, as he is busy introspecting his life plan, that he gets a request from a player on a video game. Unbeknownst to him, the player is none other than his former classmate, Qiao Jing Jing (Dilraba Dilmurat), whom he had brutally rejected back in school. Jing Jing is a top-billed actor and is in a spot, since her poor gaming skills will cost her the video game she endorses. She asks him to train her, and when Jing Jing confesses her feelings, she is rejected by Yu Tu again. But Yu Tu, now well aware of the intensity of his feelings toward her, confesses that even though he loves her, he just feels incomplete in his professional space. He is real and raw as he expresses his inner turmoil. His stoicism is in contrast to her vivacity, and they complement each other well. He is not insecure given her fame or life in the spotlight, nor does he take her for granted. In fact, he is rather indulgent toward her. The two develop a strong relationship, respecting and loving each other as well as their career and ambitions. The easygoing friendship between the two as they understand and support each other is endearing.

Yang Yang as Yu Tu is charming and sexy. He is also real and relatable, and what makes it even better is the scorching chemistry between the lead couple. Yu Tu is Mr. Splendid in looks as well as attitude.

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“Hidden Love”

Duan Jia Xu (Chen Zhe Yuan) has been the object of Sang Zhi’s (Zhao Lu Si’s ) affections since she was in middle school. Jia Xu is her older brother’s best friend, and she is infatuated by him. Years later, after she intentionally distances herself from him, she runs into him after she starts attending university in his hometown. Sang Zhi is still as hopelessly in love but does not show her feelings. However, it seems Jia Xu is the one whose feelings have changed. He no longer sees her as the pesky middle schooler but as a young woman he is attracted to, but he is unsure if she will reciprocate.

Jia Xu is tender, protective, and understanding in every way. When he confesses he wants to be her boyfriend rather than her so-called older brother, it is cute. He is easygoing and pampers her in every possible way. He is a picture-perfect boyfriend who is attentive and compassionate as much as he is romantic.

Lighter and Princess

Li Xun (Chen Fei Yu) is a disruptor. He is a computer whiz, a genius who can create any program and overcome the trickiest of technological challenges. He keeps to himself and does not believe in social niceties. Zhu Yun (Zhang Jing Yi), his classmate, is taken in by him, and her attraction is apparent. However, Zhu Yun’s mother has a poor impression of Li Xun pertaining to an incident in the past, and she thinks he is a bad influence. Even though he tries to keep Zhu Yun at a distance, he is unable to resist her and is ready to put everything at stake for her. “I did it for love” is his heartfelt confession, when he takes on a vindictive computer programmer to settle scores for Zhu Yun. The incident has serious repercussions, and both Li Xun and Zhu Yu part ways. They meet again after three years, and it is obvious the spark between the two had never extinguished.

One would hail Li Xun as a red flag, but he is anything but that. His feelings for Zhu Yun are true, and in his own way he goes that extra mile to protect her, even if it means sacrificing himself for her happiness. The love story between the two will tug at your heart, and their chemistry is fire on screen. Li Xun can withstand anything for the woman he adores.

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Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Gu Wei Yi (Lin Yi) is a brilliant physics student. He is a nerd but is extremely self-reliant and knows what he wants from life. Si Tu Mo (Fei Xing) is utterly confused about the direction she wants to take in life. They end up becoming housemates, and their distinct personalities and attitudes cause them to bicker.

As an empath, Wei Yi decides to help Tu Mo, and he becomes her friend, mentor, and ultimately boyfriend. He makes her realize that life, unlike lessons in class, does not come with a manual, and she needs to find her way around. Though he is reserved, her cheerfulness rubs onto him. What develops is a cute love story, and it’s Wei Yi who scores a perfect A+ given his support and faith in Tu Mo. As he struggles to find ways to impress her, it is his sheer simplicity and kind nature which win her over. Wei Yi is dependable, and even though he tries to find logic in everything, when it comes to love, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

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Meet Yourself

Xie Zhi Yao (Li Xian) has quit a well-paying investment job and returned home, in this case a quaint little village called Yun Miao in Yunnan. He is an enterprising man, who starts a tourism business in the village so that it benefits everyone. Xu Hong Dou (Liu Yi Fei) is heartbroken after the death of her best friend and decides to leave her life in the city for some peace and calm. She arrives in Yun Miao, and though she thinks she would find it difficult to adjust, she finds her pace. It has lots to do with Zhi Yao, whose comforting presence not only heals her, but she also finds her purpose in Yun Miao. Given her knowledge in the hotel industry, she decides to help Zhi Yao in his tourism business. What develops is an unhurried and slow-burn love story.

Zhi Yao is grounded and has an easygoing personality. He is upfront and honest about everything around him and is no pushover. It is his stoicism and strength which help Hong Dou heal and find an anchor in her turbulent life. This slice-of-life drama also highlights several socioeconomic as well as cultural issues. “Meet Yourself” is akin to a warm hug, and the chemistry between the two leads is natural. And Zhi Yao’s tranquil presence is pacifying to all those around him.

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