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In the mood for a light romantic comedy? Why not check out the recently-aired Chinese drama “Everyone Loves Me”? An adaptation of the popular novel “Don’t Fall in Love with Me” by Qiao Yao, the drama focuses on newly graduated university classmates, Gu Xun (Lin Yi) and Yue Qian Ling (Zhou Ye), who reunite at the gaming company HC Game, but their paths take unexpected turns. Yue Qian Ling harbors a long-time crush on Gu Xun, but her heart is shattered when her sincere confession is met with a cold rejection. Little does she know, Gu Xun’s heart belongs to the bold and tough-talking gamer “Sticky Dough Twist.” What complicates matters is that Yue Qian Ling and “Sticky Dough Twist” is the same person, with Qian Ling adopting a completely different persona in the gaming world. Gu Xun pursues his virtual crush, unaware of her true identity. Upon discovering the truth, Gu Xun embarks on a humorous journey of “reverse pursuit.” In the end, the two of them walk hand in hand toward a future of mutual understanding and love.

“Everyone Loves Me” offers a blend of comedy, romance, and gaming culture, making it an incredibly funny and uplifting watch. With solid performances from the talented cast and an engaging storyline that moves at a brisk pace, it’s filled with all the fun classic tropes of misunderstandings, secret crushes, and rivalries. The best part? You can enjoy and binge-watch all 24 episodes, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day. Not yet convinced? Check out these top reasons why you should start watching the drama below!

Bold and confident female lead

Yue Qiang Ling is a senior student majoring in Fine Arts at Dongning University. She is carefree and has a straightforward personality and has been secretly in love with the campus heartthrob Gu Xun. She hesitates to confess her feelings, only daring to silently observe him, secretly seeking opportunities to get closer to him, and hoping to leave a lasting impression. Unbeknownst to her, Gu Xun is actually her online gaming partner known as “Campus Hunk” and is the same person she’s been teamed up with all along. Encouraged by “Campus Hunk,” Yue Qian Ling gathers her courage to confess her feelings, only to be rejected in front of the entire school on their graduation day.

Besides being an avid gamer, Yue Qiang Ling is also a talented concept artist, specializing in designing gaming characters at HC Game. As a viewer, it’s hilarious to see Yue Qian Ling’s attempts to be feminine and demure to catch Gu Xun’s eye, and you feel the secondhand embarrassment. Witnessing her switch between these personas, juxtaposed with her true confident and straightforward self, increases the enjoyment of watching. However, it’s great that our female lead is not a doormat; it’s refreshing to see her try to move on and not cling to someone who treated her so harshly. Despite Gu Xun’s later attempts to make amends, her resilience is admirable. Rooting for her becomes inevitable as you watch her stand her ground. I love a strong female lead who is witty, funny, and not afraid to be bold.

Talented and determined male lead

Next up is Gu Xun, the newly appointed Chief Producer of the Ninth Business Unit at HC Game. He’s an extraordinary talent and possesses strong professional capabilities in wanting to develop China’s first AAA game (high production and high budget) “Hero’s Path.” He is smitten with his formidable and stylish gaming partner “Sticky Dough Twist.” Discovering that “Sticky Dough Twist” has a crush in real life, Gu Xun intentionally advises her to pursue her crush, hoping for her rejection. However, his plan completely backfires when he realizes that the girl he rejected in front of their entire school community, Yue Qian Ling, is none other than his gaming partner “Sticky Dough Twist.” Deeply regretting his actions, he must reverse course and win back Yue Qian Ling’s affection.

As a drama viewer it’s amusing to observe how Gu Xun unintentionally sabotages his potential relationship by giving Yue Qian Ling misguided advice online for pursuing her real-life crush, inadvertently creating his own obstacle when her antics start to annoy him. It’s incredibly satisfying to witness him having to put in the effort to win back Yue Qian Ling’s favor after realizing his terrible mistake. Despite his public rejection, Gu Xun is a total green flag as he shows genuine appreciation and respect for Yue Qian Ling as a competent and qualified colleague on his team.

Sweet slow-burn romance

The heart of “Everyone Loves Me” lies in its charming slow-burn romance, centered on the cute bickering dynamic between the main leads. This sweet portrayal of a “she fell first, he fell harder” storyline adds depth to their budding relationship, keeping viewers anticipating each new development. Fans of the drama will appreciate the deliberate pacing as the tensions during the pre-dating phase are perfectly intertwined with their office work challenges.

Zhou Ye and Lin Yi’s natural on-screen chemistry creates a visual feast for audiences, with their acting shining through in every scene. Their interactions, both as neighbors and work colleagues, add a fun push-and-pull element to the story. Particularly noteworthy are their collaborative efforts in developing “Hero’s Path,” as they navigate challenges together to create a high-quality game. Yue Qian Ling’s unwavering support for Gu Xun’s game development dreams, and his reciprocation by providing opportunities for her to showcase her artistic talents, help to deepen their relationship.

Handsome and kind second male lead

It’s not a romantic comedy drama if there’s no love rival fighting for the female lead’s affections. He is Su Zheng (Zhan Yu), a colleague of Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun at HC Game. Originally a game planner of HC Game’s Project Department One’s team, Su Zheng always dreamed of creating a AAA game but struggled to showcase his talents. One day, Gu Xun sees his sketches and invites Su Zheng to join the Ninth Business Unit to work on their upcoming game “Hero’s Path.” Summoning his courage, Su Zheng confides in his mentor about his lifelong aspiration, and he joins the Ninth Division as the lead game planner. Kind-hearted and meticulous in his work, Su Zheng dedicates himself fully to his passion in the gaming industry.

As viewers, it’s incredibly entertaining to watch Su Zheng keep Gu Xun on his toes as they both compete for Yue Qian Ling’s affections. His courage is truly admirable, especially considering Gu Xun’s authority over him at work and his own pursuit of Yue Qian Ling. Of course, Su Zheng’s charm doesn’t go unnoticed—he’s definitely easy on the eyes, and who wouldn’t appreciate that?

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