Watch: Lee Je Hoon Runs Away From Koo Kyo Hwan's Chase In New Thriller Film “Escape”

Upcoming action thriller film “Escape” has unveiled new posters and a teaser!

“Escape” tells the story of the other side of the barbed-wire fence at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and depicts the fierce escape and pursuit of North Korean soldier Gyu Nam (Lee Je Hoon), who dreams of living a life with a future, and security team officer Hyun Sang (Koo Kyo Hwan), who must stop him. The film is helmed by Lee Jong Pil of “Samjin Company English Class” and “The Sound of a Flower.”

The newly released posters juxtapose Gyu Nam and Hyun Sang on each side, symbolizing the dynamic chase between them. In one set of photos, Gyu Nam clenches his teeth and runs with determination while Hyun Sang, with a stern expression on his face, aims a gun at him. The corresponding caption for each photo reads, “Run toward tomorrow,” and, “Chase for today,” heightening the suspense around the upcoming movie.

Another set of photos depicts Gyu Nam’s arm being held by a security officer, with a gun pointed at his head, while Hyun Sang is grabbed by the collar by the fleeing soldier. The respective captions, “I’m going my own way,” and, “This is your destiny,” signify the contrasting pursuits of the two characters.

The trailer that was released alongside the poster begins with Hyun Sang casually uttering, “You’re not exactly the daring type to escape, right?” However, subsequent scenes reveal Gyu Nam secretly maneuvering through the grass at night, after which Hyun Sang declares, “Two escapees have been reported. ” In the trailer, Lee Je Hoon’s desperate attempt to escape is full of intense running and navigating swampy waters with bloodstain all over his face.

Check out the full teaser here!

“Escape” has already generated huge anticipation among audiences as it marks the first collaboration between Lee Je Hoon and Koo Kyo Hwan. The film is set to hit theaters in July.

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