Jin Ki Joo Transforms Into An Upright And Wise Reporter For Upcoming Drama

Upcoming Disney+ drama “Uncle Samsik” has shared new stills of Jin Ki Joo!

“Uncle Samsik” is a drama that tells the story of the ambitions and bromance of two men, Uncle Samsik (Song Kang Ho) and Kim San (Byun Yo Han), who survived the turbulent period of the early 1960s in Korea.

Jin Ki Joo plays Joo Yeo Jin, who graduated at the top of her class in the department of Korean literature and helps out at the office of her father, who is a member of the National Assembly. Joo Yeo Jin is upright and wise, and she always supports and worries about her lover, Kim San.

However, when Kim San meets Uncle Samsik and embarks on a new path, Joo Yeo Jin becomes a reporter and begins to look at the world objectively.

In the newly released stills, Joo Yeo Jin exudes a mature and intelligent aura with her neat hairstyle and clothes. She appears to be staring at someone with a face full of worry and concern, making viewers curious about whom she might be watching.

Describing her character, Jin Ki Joo shared, “Joo Yeo Jin is a character with potential, a character who could become anything.” She added, “Joo Yeo Jin has nothing in common with the characters I’ve played before. You might see a different side of Jin Ki Joo that you’ve never seen before.”

Director Shin Yeon Shick commented, “Joo Yeo Jin is like a mirror that reflects the era. She is a character who looks at the era as objectively as possible and thinks about what is right. Actress Jin Ki Joo did a great job of reflecting this aspect of the character in the drama.”

“Uncle Samsik” will premiere on May 15.

In the meantime, watch Jin Ki Joo in “My Perfect Stranger” below:

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