ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin Holds Press Conference About Situation With HYBE

ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin has denied allegations of a management coup, voicing that she experienced “unfair treatment.”

Previously on April 22, HYBE initiated an audit of the ADOR management after reportedly detecting attempts by ADOR to become independent. Following this, ADOR responded with a statement containing accusations of NewJeans’s concept being copied.

On the morning of April 25, HYBE released an interim report about their audit of ADOR, announcing that a formal accusation will be filed against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and related individuals for occupational breach of trust.

Later the same day, Min Hee Jin held an emergency press conference at the Korea Conference Center.

During the press conference, Min Hee Jin said, “The perspective I see and the perspective that HYBE sees seem to be very different.”

Min Hee Jin continued, “I feel like they all want me to die. If I suddenly die, will everyone be happy? That’s honestly what I think. I don’t read all the articles and comments. If I do, I can’t live. I wonder if anyone can handle this much distress in a short period of time.” She added, “I am also human, and it’s not confirmed that I’m guilty. I think I’m innocent.”

She remarked, “It doesn’t make sense to say that I stole the management rights for money. I already have contracted shares, and there is a lot I have received, which I cannot disclose. But the various points disclosed by HYBE now are all advantageous to them. The points listed in detail are all false from my point of view.”

She claimed, “I never said, ‘BTS stole my thing.’ But HYBE was worried this would become defamation, so they said, ‘She said something to the effect of BTS stole my thing.’”

During the press conference, Min Hee Jin also explained that the NewJeans members were selected through an audition branded as HYBE’s first girl group and a girl group made by Min Hee Jin under HYBE. However, she claimed that HYBE blocked those promotional paths by debuting LE SSERAFIM first.

Min Hee Jin emphasized that she had no plans to seize management rights, saying, “I am a ‘salaried CEO.’ I don’t know why a salaried CEO works so hard and becomes targeted.” Regarding HYBE filing a complaint on charges of breach of trust, she revealed, “It can’t actually be a breach of trust.”

Min Hee Jin claimed, “I didn’t betray HYBE, but HYBE betrayed me. I feel like they’re trying to frame me to suppress me.”

She then said, “No one has achieved this performance in the 30-year history of the entertainment industry in just two years after creating NewJeans. I think it’s a betrayal to try to suppress the CEO of an affiliate who is doing well and helping shareholders.” Min Hee Jin added, “What sin do I have? I think I only have the sin of doing a good job.”

Min Hee Jin revealed, “The members of NewJeans called me at night and cried for 20 minutes. They said they felt sorry for me and cried a lot.” She said, “The mother of the members also said that ‘the public opinion has turned upside down and it’s right before the president’s execution,’ so she told me to tell everything.” Shedding tears, Min Hee Jin said, “I don’t have to take care of NewJeans anymore. I don’t have such a desire. What do I do with NewJeans? It’s not like that. But NewJeans is really like my child, so I feel that way.” She said, “It’s so sad to leave my children at HYBE and go.”

Min Hee Jin stated, “If I wanted money, I wouldn’t have made an internal accusation. I can earn at least 100 billion won (approximately $73 million) just by sitting still. But I can’t stand to see what I don’t like, so I have to talk about it. That’s why I’m suffering.”

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