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“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” has officially crossed the halfway mark. However, even with eight episodes released, the show continues to surprise the audience with new plot twists while also keeping them engaged by introducing new mysteries. Here are one plot twist and two mysteries that were revealed in episodes 7 and 8 of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection.”

Warning: mentions and images of violence.
Spoilers for episodes 7-8 below.

Mystery: why does Min Do Hyuk still care about Han Mo Ne?

One thing that remains confusing is why Do Hyuk (Lee Joon) still cares about Mo Ne (Lee Yoo Bi). Even from the character’s perspective, his infatuation with Mo Ne no longer makes sense. Yes, Do Hyuk had a crush on Mo Ne, and that crush never faded away. To compound matters, Mo Ne and Do Hyuk grew much closer to each other in the first season, when his crush evolved into love. However, by the end of Season 1, when Mo Ne betrayed Do Hyuk by choosing K (Uhm Ki Joon), she left him to die, and Lee Hwi (Da Mi’s adoptive father) saved his life and died in the process. After that, Do Hyuk promised himself that he would avenge Da Mi (Jung Lael).

So, when did his goals and intentions change so suddenly? Is it truly so easy for him to forget about Lee Hwi’s sacrifice and assist the killer of his only daughter? On one hand, he is always questioning Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum), but on the other hand, he trusts Mo Ne blindly. If anything, Ra Hee deserves a redemption arc more than Mo Ne. Throughout the season, Ra Hee has expressed guilt and acknowledged her deserving the worst. But Mo Ne has never once apologized for her actions; instead, she always tries to victimize herself. Thus, Do Hyuk’s protectiveness over a killer leaves a bitter taste in viewers’ mouths.

Plot twist: Hwang Chan Sung was evil from the start

Due to the never-ending plot twists, viewers have been on edge for weeks, unable to decide whether Han Mo Ne’s now-fiancé, Hwang Chan Sung (Lee Jung Shin), is good, evil, or something in between.

At first, he is shown as a rich man interested in a celebrity. But after seeing the flashback where a younger and ordinary Mo Ne is saved by Chan Sung from street gangsters, viewers are led to believe that he might have liked her for years. However, in episode 6, we see Chan Sung physically assault Mo Ne.

Last week’s episode finally gives more context behind Chan Sung’s sudden change in behavior—in a flashback scene where Chan Sung agrees to help Geum Ra Hee in taking her revenge, he wants only one thing in return: Mo Ne. This flashback reveals at least two things about Chan Sung’s character. Firstly, he is indeed not in love with Mo Ne and is merely obsessed with her. No one who truly loves someone would objectify their lover. And from Chan Sung’s expression, he does not think of Mo Ne as a human being but just the object of his desire. Secondly, he has some hidden agenda behind his actions. The hidden agenda could be anything from getting rejected by Mo Ne in the past and wanting to take revenge on her to wanting to cut open Mo Ne’s face and use it as a face mask. As the plot of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” keeps changing, we can never guess anything.

Mystery: is Geum Ra Hee dead?

While K was portrayed as the main character in “The Escape of the Seven,” the spotlight was taken by Geum Ra Hee for Season 2. From the very start of this season, Ra Hee has been endeavoring to avenge Da Mi, so naturally, the plot revolves around her ideas and plans, granting her more screen time than other characters. However, that dynamic might change going forward.

In episode 8 of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” Ra Hee imprisons Da Mi’s killers, excluding Mo Ne, and plants a bomb in the chamber. Her plan is straightforward: extract confessions from Da Mi’s killers and detonate the bomb, killing everyone, including herself, in the process. However, something unexpected happens.

Initially, the plan unfolds according to Ra Hee’s scheme, with the characters fighting each other and accidentally confessing. But eventually, they manage to escape. Meanwhile, Mo Ne, who thinks Ra Hee killed her mother, locates the chamber with Chan Sung’s help and shoots Ra Hee’s leg, seeking revenge for her mother. After being shot, Ra Hee is immobilized, and the scene transitions to the entire place exploding.

Now the question arises: is Ra Hee actually dead? Given that the entire plot revolves around her, it is challenging to believe that the creator of the K-drama would abruptly kill her off. Moreover, if she does die, the K-drama’s plot would undergo another shift, potentially diverting focus away from Da Mi’s revenge. However, if she is truly dead, the role of Da Mi’s avenger could be taken by Min Do Hyuk (Lee Joon). We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out!

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