JTBC’s popular variety show “My Sibling’s Romance” has unveiled fun interviews with its cast!

“My Sibling’s Romance” is a family-meddling dating show where siblings gather to search for love. The new show is the first program to be presented by producing director (PD) Lee Jin Joo, who previously led “EXchange,” following her move to JTBC.


Interviews were conducted with the five sibling pairs in “My Sibling’s Romance.” In the interview with Jae Hyung and Se Seung, they were asked about their first meeting in the premiere episode where Se Seung moved in immediately after her older brother Jae Hyung but had to pretend they did not know each other.

Se Seung replied, “It was not a situation that I expected. However, I was informed that we should never show that we know each other even if we were alone, so I thought I needed to come to my senses. My brother [Jae Hyung] was already in panic, so I hinted that we have to act by asking him what his name is.”

Jae Hyung said, “After I moved in first, I was waiting to see who would come in next, and I was taken aback when Se Seung came in. I was able to immerse myself [in the situation] again thanks to my younger sister’s acting.”

Yoon Ha and Jung Sub, who showcased a cute and sweet sibling relationship on “My Sibling’s Romance,” were asked about the moment when they felt most relieved by being on the show together.

Yoon Ha shared, “It is when I received 0 votes. [Having Jung Sub next to me] helped me a lot. I didn’t know what to do, but Jung Sub gave me lots of support and attention. I was really grateful and depended on him.”

Jung Sub said, “It is when our sibling relationship was revealed. It occurred to me that I could have a comfortable conversation with my older sister. I thought that now would finally be the moment when my sister would shine.”

Yong Woo and Joo Yeon, who showcased affectionate sibling chemistry that is rare to see in real life, shared their feelings when they cried a lot in the episode where their sibling relationship was revealed.

Yong Woo said, “I was very grateful and proud of Joo Yeon, who grew up well. Everyone cried when their sibling relationships were revealed. A video clip of my parents was displayed on the wall, and all my childhood memories passed by all at once. It took me back to my childhood and the process of growing up.”

Joo Yeon shared, “I started crying from the moment I heard the voices of my family. I cried so much that I don’t remember anything. After watching the broadcast, I thought everyone grew up really well. I thought it was amazing that everyone went through their own rite of passage and matured to this point. I also felt gratitude and respect for my parents.”

On “My Sibling’s Romance,” Cho Ah and Chul Hyun showcased a sibling relationship to be jealous of in which they are independent yet each other’s biggest support.

When asked about Chul Hyun’s enthusiastic search for his brother-in-law, Cho Ah replied, “I didn’t know he had a ‘brother-in-law fantasy.’ I thought we each lived independently, but I felt that Chul Hyun was very deeply involved in my life. I thought it was cute that he is so serious.”

Chul Hyun said, “I wanted my older sister to have a safety net too. I think I spoke with excitement while I was interviewing the candidates of my potential brother-in-law since they recognized my sister’s charms.”

Yoon Jae and Ji Won are siblings who appeared on “My Silbing’s Romance” midway and showcased the most realistic sibling chemistry that is distinct from that of the other sibling cast members.

When asked how they felt about the other siblings’ relationships and whether they felt pressure for having to fake a more affectionate sibling relationship, Ji Won replied, “It’s not that we don’t have a good relationship. I think it’s a difference in the way of expression. Although I was amazed by the other siblings’ affectionate expressions, I didn’t think of acting because I knew we couldn’t act that way.”

Yoon Jae also shared, “I was surprised at the sight of [the other siblings] which was a little different from us, but later I got used to seeing them.”

Check out more stunning photos of the sibling pairs below!

“My Sibling’s Romance” airs every Friday at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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