LE SSERAFIM Announces Strong Legal Action Against False And Malicious Posts

On April 26, SOURCE MUSIC issued an official statement announcing their intention to take strict measures against those responsible for spreading malicious posts and false allegations about LE SSERAFIM and tarnishing their character.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

This is Source Music.

First and foremost, we express our deep concern regarding the recent unfortunate occurrences involving the spread of false information, disrespectful remarks, and the mention of other artists’ names without respect on public platforms. We strongly urge that such occurrences do not repeat in the future.

These actions have led to the circulation of numerous malicious posts and unfounded speculations based on one-sided claims that lack validity. We have determined that malicious postings, including indiscriminate insults, the spread of false information, instances of sexual harassment, malicious defamation and slander, and defamation of character against LE SSERAFIM have reached an alarming level. Therefore, we’d like to announce that we will be strengthening the necessary legal actions to protect our artists.

The false allegations suggesting that LE SSERAFIM has caused harm to other artists and the presentation of groundless information as established facts to influence public opinion constitute clear instances of spreading false information. Posts containing slander and insults, defamation of the artist’s character, and instances of sexual harassment are all subject to legal action.

Given the serious infringement on the artists’ rights, we want to emphasize once again that we will respond strongly to all malicious posts, whether [they’re posted] on social media platforms or online communities.

We are also actively utilizing the valuable tips from fans that we receive through SOURCE MUSIC’s legal affairs hotline (protect@sourcemusic.com). We sincerely want to express our gratitude for the love and dedication fans have shown towards LE SSERAFIM.

We earnestly request that you refrain from engaging in any malicious actions toward the artists, and [we assure you that] we will do our best to protect the rights of our artists.

Thank you.

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