Exclusive: SEVENTEEN Shows The Best Of Their Best At Unforgettable

SEVENTEEN has captivated fans once again with their latest “FOLLOW” Again to Seoul concert!

Following the explosive start of their “FOLLOW” encore tour with their Incheon stop, SEVENTEEN once again brought their one-of-a-kind energy to “FOLLOW” Again to Seoul, selling out a total of 70,000 seats over the course of two days at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

While maintaining the highlights from their “FOLLOW” Again to Incheon tour, SEVENTEEN put an exciting new spin to their setlist by performing unreleased tracks from their upcoming best-of album “17 IS RIGHT HERE” for the first time.

Kicking off with “Super,” SEVENTEEN wowed the crowd with powerful performances of “DON QUIXOTE” and “CLAP,” giving their all with high-energy performances from the very beginning.

During the opening talk segment, DK asked, “CARATs, did you miss us? I also missed you all a lot.” Seungkwan shared, “It still feels like a dream. I thought I would be used to [the big crowd] because we performed at Incheon, but I’m really nervous.” He thoughtfully added, “My goal is for all CARATs to have the greatest day, so I will work hard to perform.” Vernon added, “I’m from Mapo District. This is Mapo District’s World Cup Stadium,” explaining how happy he was to perform where so many of his childhood memories came from.

With their comeback soon approaching, SEVENTEEN took the opportunity to showcase new unit B-side tracks. Vocal Team took to the stage first to sing the bright and uplifting “Cheers to youth,” while Performance Team followed up with their first-ever live performance of their alluring new track “Spell.” Finally, Hip Hop Team brought the house down with their hype new track “LALALI.”

During the talk segment, the members praised each other on their unit performances. Woozi joked that he anticipated CARATs’ reaction of cheering loudly upon hearing the first line of the new song. Hoshi added that lyrics from “Cheers to youth” came from a sincere conversation he shared with the members, with Woozi taking down notes after he heard Hoshi speak. Hoshi joked, “If I wasn’t here, this song wouldn’t have happened.”

After the unit performances, the members regrouped as a whole for the “FOLLOW” Festival segment with upbeat musical-like tracks including “HOME;RUN,” “Left & Right,” “BEAUTIFUL,” and “God of Music.”

The interactive concert also featured a segment in which CARATs could shine with their singing of “_WORLD” as well as other fan-favorite songs from SEVENTEEN’s discography including “MANSAE,” “Adore U,” “Snap Shoot,” “God of Light Music,” and more.

Finally, SEVENTEEN performed their highly-anticipated comeback track “MAESTRO” from their upcoming best-of album “17 IS RIGHT HERE,” captivating the crowds with a performance that commanded the stage.

Wrapping up the first night of concerts, Dino shared, “The scale of the concert is important, but I think the emotions we exchange [during the concert] are more important.” Vernon expressed, “I’m grateful to be able to show my performance,” mentioning that his friends came to watch the concert. Seungkwan reflected, “I’m grateful I could perform for 10 years with the members. I think it’s SEVENTEEN’s job as an artist to make it so that fans can love and support SEVENTEEN comfortably.”

DK conveyed his resolve to work hard for their comeback and the following night’s concert, singing a few lines of his song “Go!” from the “Twenty Five, Twenty One” OST. The8 talked about achieving a dream of holding a concert at the World Cup Stadium filled with CARATs after having only a segment to themselves at Dream Concert, and Mingyu briefly but sincerely conveyed his gratitude and love to fans during his closing speech.

With the release of their best-of album soon approaching, Woozi talked about how the memories of each song flashed by as he performed, making it feel like a day that was worth 10 years, and Wonwoo summarized, “I was really happy thanks to CARATs.” Hoshi conveyed his gratitude for sharing a meaningful time together, while Jun thanked fans in both Korean and Chinese.

Joshua expressed gratitude to CARATs for filling up such a big stadium, and Jeonghan also conveyed his happiness to be able to perform at such a big stadium in Korea. S.Coups highlighted the importance of each and every CARAT, saying, “We will continue to be SEVENTEEN who impresses through bigger and better stages,” promising to create a better environment that fans can support them in.

Finally, SEVENTEEN wrapped up their show with “Headliner” and their trademark never-ending encore “VERY NICE,” leaving fans hyped for their comeback. 

After the “FOLLOW” Again to Seoul concerts, SEVENTEEN will make their highly-anticipated comeback on April 29. Afterwards, SEVENTEEN will head to Japan to perform at Osaka’s Yanmar Stadium Nagai on May 18 and 19, followed by two nights of concerts at Kanagawa’s Nissan Stadium on May 25 and 26.

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Photo Credit: PLEDIS Entertainment

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