Kim Ji Won Talks About Portraying Her

“Queen of Tears” star Kim Ji Won has captivated the hearts of viewers across the globe through her recent performance as Hong Hae In!

Penned by “Crash Landing on You,” “My Love From the Star,” and “The Producers” writer Park Ji Eun, “Queen of Tears” tells the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story of a married couple who manage to survive a crisis and stay together against all odds. Kim Ji Won stars as Hong Hae In, the chaebol heiress known as the “queen” of Queens Group’s department stores, and Kim Soo Hyun plays her husband Baek Hyeon Woo, the legal director of the conglomerate Queens Group.

The series recently came to a grand close on April 28, and the successful finale overtook “Crash Landing on You” to achieve the highest drama ratings in tvN history.

In a recent interview with Kim Ji Won on “Queen of Tears,” the star actress expressed gratitude to viewers for tuning in and enjoying the drama, dishing on her experiencing portraying her character Hong Hae In.

Kim Ji Won shared, “I waited with a nervous and excited heart as we filmed for a long period that took all four seasons. To think that [the drama] is already over makes the time feel shorter, and I feel somewhat saddened. Thank you sincerely to the many people who enjoyed watching, took interest, and loved the drama.”

Regarding memorable comments she read, Kim Ji Won mentioned, “I received a lot of threatening(?) messages saying, ‘Can you tell just me if it’s a happy or sad ending?’ and ‘What is Queens Group doing not seizing control again quickly?'”

On a memorable scene from the drama, Kim Ji Won remarked, “The beginning of episode 11 is the most memorable. While normally watching the broadcasts, there are moments when I monitor myself, but episode 11 is one that I also watched while crying. While filming the scene where Hae In’s family learns that she is sick, the senior actors were sad together [with me] beyond the camera even though it was a scene they did not appear in, so I could immerse myself more while acting. I recall tears flowing a lot just naturally thanks to the senior actors.” Kim Ji Won also mentioned that filming with so many senior actors felt like the holidays when family and friends spend time together, sharing, “Every moment was heartwarming.”

Kim Ji Won also brushed on filming emotional diverse scenes in Germany, which included moments from Hong Hae In and Baek Hyeon Woo’s newlywed days and when Hong Hae In first saw the divorce papers. She remarked, “After filming the happiest and most painful memories, I could understand Hong Hae In’s heart in great depth.”

Having played numerous roles in the past, Kim Ji Won explained what the role of Hong Hae In meant to her. Kim Ji Won revealed, “Hong Hae In will remain [in my memories] as a four-leaf clover to me. Actually, there is not that much time that the character spends despairing. Although she has a difficult time, she overcomes it quickly, and she puts in effort to do so,” comparing how her character’s strength and hope when overcoming difficult situations are like a four-leaf clover.

Kim Ji Won further explained, “Hong Hae In has a lot of love, but she is not very good at expressing it. As the story progresses, she showed how she put in effort to express herself better. I hoped those aspects reached the viewers well, and it would be great if you could remember Hae In as a ‘warmer person than expected.'”

Finally, to wrap up, Kim Ji Won shared a message to her character Hong Hae In, conveying, “Hae In, you worked really hard! I hope you are only filled with happiness going forward. Thanks to you, I learned how to get back up while smiling without giving up when put in a difficult situation. Thanks. Rather than saying what you don’t mean, I hope that you become able to convey the warmth in your heart. Bye!”

“Queen of Tears” came to a close on April 28, scoring an average nationwide rating of 24.850 percent for the finale and setting a new tvN record.

Congratulations to Kim Ji Won as well as the cast and crew of “Queen of Tears”!

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