Jang Seung Jo's Sincere Plea Touches Jung Woong In's Heart In “Nothing Uncovered”

“Nothing Uncovered” has shared stills from his upcoming episode!

Based on a popular web novel, “Nothing Uncovered” is a romance thriller drama about an investigative reporter Seo Jung Won (Kim Ha Neul) and ace detective Kim Tae Heon (Yeon Woo Jin) who team up to solve a series of murders—and who happen to be ex-lovers. Jang Seung Jo plays Seo Jung Won’s husband Seol Woo Jae, a second-generation chaebol and novelist.


Previously in “Nothing Uncovered,” while Seol Woo Jae was about to file for divorce from Seo Jung Won, he learned that she was pregnant. Thinking that this was his last chance to hold onto Jung Won, Woo Jae went to his father and vowed that he would no longer dwell on the past and would only think about raising the child to the best of his ability.

The released stills capture Woo Jae and Pan Ho (Jung Woong In) having a conversation about the Mujin Resort project inside the office of Mujin Industries.

While giving instructions about the development of the residential complex, Pan Ho suggests using the pregnant Jung Won as a promotional model. Pan Ho, who is pleased with how things are going according to his wishes, is captured smiling contentedly at Woo Jae.

Woo Jae receives a phone call informing him that news about Jung Won’s pregnancy is on the front page of a news portal site, leaving him utterly astonished. Suspecting that Pan Ho deliberately leaked the news, Woo Jae asks Pan Ho to leave Jung Won alone. Woo Jae’s sincere plea touches Pan Ho’s heart, causing him to change his mind.

As soon as the meeting ends, Pan Ho heads straight to Mo Hyung Taek (played by Yoon Je Moon). Hyung Taek blackmails Pan Ho over Woo Jae’s past. Anticipation is high for the upcoming episode, where the truth about the secret dealings between Pan Ho, the chairman of a large corporation, and Mo Hyung Taek, a member of the National Assembly, will be revealed.

The next episode of “Nothing Uncovered” will air on April 29 at 10:10 p.m. KST.

While waiting, catch up with previous episodes of “Nothing Uncovered” on Viki:

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