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This week’s episodes of “Boys Be Brave!” showed a new funny and cute side to the story and characters. From Jung Ki Sub (Nam Si An) making plushie clones of himself for Kim Jin Woo (Kim Sung Hyen), to Jin Woo reading a guide to romantic relationships in the library, there were a lot of adorable moments. If you were on the fence after watching the premiere, these super cute episodes will have you hooked.

Here are four of the cutest moments from episodes 3-4!

Warning: spoilers ahead.

1. Ki Sub’s sweet promise

In the premiere, Ki Sub moved into Jin Woo’s house without asking. And to add insult to injury, Ki Sub told Jin Woo that he knew about Jin Woo’s “secret” feelings for him. Ever since, they’ve been at odds with each other. Before Jin Woo could kick Ki Sub out, Ki Sub wrote a living agreement. The terms? If he becomes Jin Woo’s ideal type, Jin Woo must ask Ki Sub out. If not, Ki Sub will move out.

This week, Ki Sub revealed more about the contract’s fine print. Ki Sub explains to Jin Woo that even after the agreement ends, he promises to stay by Jin Woo’s side forever. That would make anyone’s heart flutter, even if it were coming from the nuisance who moved in uninvited.

2. The hide-and-seek kiss

Jin Woo is always running away from Ki Sub. Figuratively, sure, but also literally. Jin Woo can run. This time, he’s at home when Ki Sub comes in and calls his name. He immediately panics and ends up hiding under his bed to avoid him.

Rewind to earlier that day, Jin Woo sees Choi Balgeum (Jung Yeo Jun) holding Ki Sub’s hand and whisking Ki Sub away on his motorbike, so Jin Woo was rightfully confused about what he had seen. While Jin Woo hides, Ki Sub explains that he’s just friends with Balgeum. He knows that Jin Woo saw him earlier, and he didn’t want him to overthink what he saw. Being considerate of Jin Woo’s feelings is already so sweet!

When he finds Jin Woo under his bed, he lies down beside him. At the same time, Jin Woo’s iconic smart lights turn out and tell him it’s time for bed (definitely paid actors). The two look at each other for a while before sharing their first kiss. A kiss this early (and this good!) in a K-drama is pretty rare, but it was perfect.


3. Ki Sub’s paper cut (and Jin Woo worrying about it)

Ki Sub might come off as a goofy slacker, but this week has proved he’s willing to put in the effort when it comes to Jin Woo.

Ever since Ki Sub snuck a peek at Jin Woo’s journal, where Jin Woo wrote out his ideal type, it’s been Ki Sub’s goal to become that ideal type. This has led to some interesting side effects, to say the least. Ki Sub straightens out his hair, wears a one-piece, and makes plans to get a mole tattooed under his eye, all according to Jin Woo’s ideal type.

Ki Sub also vows to read more to check off another one of Jin Woo’s boxes. Jin Woo is mostly annoyed at Ki Sub’s antics, but when he sees that Ki Sub got a paper cut from reading so much, he becomes worried and helps Ki Sub put on medicine and a new bandage. If anything, at least Ki Sub seems to be really sincere!


4. Balgeum’s bittersweet daydream

Finally, while the second lead couple is still a bit of a mystery, there was a little peek at their past this week. While working one of his many jobs, Balgeum is so distracted that even his boss says he should just go home and get some rest. His distraction is most certainly the fact that Ji In Ho (Ahn Se Min) has suddenly returned from the States.

He goes outside for some fresh air and daydreams about his time as a classmate with In Ho. Whether it was on official or unofficial terms, it’s pretty clear he and In Ho were more than friends, at least at that time.


Balgeum’s sunny, warm daydream with a smiling In Ho is the total opposite of In Ho’s sad and dark persona now. Maybe the next episodes will reveal more about what happened to change their relationship.

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