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After the recent character development of most of the main characters, the tone of the story has completely changed. The characters who once lacked emotions are now delivering scenes that bring tears to viewers’ eyes. From Yang Jin Mo’s (Yoon Jong Hoon’s) love confession, to Han Mo Ne’s (Lee Yoo Bi’s) motherly actions, here are five tearjerker moments from episodes 11 and 12 of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection.”

Warning: spoilers for episodes 11-12 below.

No Han Na’s internal struggle

One of the things that many people take for granted is a happy childhood, one that allows you to act like a child. This reality makes No Han Na’s (Shim Ji Yoo’s) situation even more saddening.

Han Na was an ordinary kid who had a loving mother, No Paeng Hee (Han Bo Reum), and lived a normal and happy life. However, her childhood was snatched away from her, and now she carries the weight of her mother’s death on her shoulders. No matter how many times an adult tells her that she did not cause Paeng Hee’s murder, the voices in her head persist. To worsen the situation, she even blames herself for the attack on Go Myoung Ji (Jo Yoon Hee).

When you consider the trauma she has endured, her almost adult-like thinking pattern and heightened emotional intelligence make sense. While she may have always been a bright child, her circumstances have undoubtedly forced her to mature prematurely. Fortunately, she is surrounded by caring adults like Jin Mo, who provide her with the opportunity to experience a childhood.

Liberation of Bang Da Mi’s soul

From the very beginning, the world had been cruel to Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael). Initially, she suffered from a heart condition, and her mother Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum), the sole person she trusted, left her. After years of being rescued and adopted by her new parents, her biological mother came back only to exploit her for money. Just when she thought she could return to her loving parents, she fell victim to K’s murderous act. A life that hadn’t fully blossomed was tragically cut short due to the selfishness of others. Adding to the tragedy, her parents were also killed while seeking justice for her.

If souls existed, Da Mi’s must be in agonizing pain. Fortunately, Season 2 has brought hope for Da Mi. Myoung Ji, who is in a coma right now, saw Da Mi in her dream and also begged for her forgiveness. Jin Mo, Mo Ne, Nam Chul Woo (Jo Jae Yoon), and Cha Joo Ran (Shin Eun Kyung) acknowledged their wrongdoings in a press conference while exposing the true identity of Mathew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon) to journalists. Immediately afterward, we witness Da Mi’s soul bathed in bright light, wearing a serene smile, indicating her newfound peace. With only four more episodes left, it looks like Da Mi is going to be avenged sooner rather than later.

Yang Jin Mo’s love for Myoung Ji

More often than not, couples who come together out of love can grow distant when one partner becomes ill. Sometimes, the healthy partner cannot bear to witness their loved one in immense pain, while others come to realize they prefer being with someone healthy and active. Hence, you cannot truly know if someone loves you until they have stood by you through the worst.

Despite Myoung Ji and Jin Mo’s marriage being a facade, their emotions have flourished over time. In the aftermath of episode 10, as Myoung Ji bleeds from a gunshot wound, Jin Mo indirectly confesses his feelings by saying, “I don’t want to lose another precious person.” Throughout episodes 11 and 12, from donating his blood to remaining by her side 24/7 in the hospital and even offering to give her his heart if it meant she could live, Jin Mo’s actions have proven that his feelings for Myoung Ji are pure and genuine.

Mathew Lee’s abusive past

What is the bond that connects a parent to their child? Is it the DNA that transfers from parent to child, or is it the mutual love and respect they share? Mathew Lee, also known as K, is the main culprit behind Bang Da Mi’s death; he pulled the trigger and ended her life as if it held no value. But is he the sole culprit?

There’s a well-known saying: “Monsters are not born, they are created.” It encapsulates the reality of Mathew Lee, who was once Shim Jun Seok (Kim Do Hoon), a teenager deeply devoted to his parents. However, when his father, Chairman Shim Yong (Kim Il Woo), discovers that Jun Seok was not his biological son, his feelings toward him changes. He begins treating Jun Seok like a stranger, ultimately contributing to the transformation of Jun Seok becoming the monster he is now.

While some individuals endure trauma and emerge as better people than their abusers, this is not the case for everyone. It’s important to recognize that being a victim and an abuser are not mutually exclusive. Regardless of K’s crime, what happened to him was horrible, and Chairman Shim Yong’s abusive unjustifiable behavior should never be forgiven or forgotten.

Han Mo Ne’s newfound humanity

Mo Ne has never been the most evil person in “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection”; however, she has committed some unjustifiable crimes: bullying, abandoning her child multiple times, and leaving Min Do Hyuk to die, to name a few. Nevertheless, she is slowly becoming a better person with each episode, earning the viewers’ support.

For instance, one of the issues most viewers had with Mo Ne was her constant self-victimization and lack of apologetic behavior. She bullied Da Mi, lied about Da Mi being Han Na’s mother, and ultimately played a role in Da Mi’s death. However, not only does she admit her mistakes in episodes 11 and 12, but she relinquishes her career, fame, and money to atone for her actions. Furthermore, she returns to Hwang Chan Sung (Lee Jung Shin), her abuser, to ensure the safety of Min Do Hyuk (Lee Joon), Han Na, and her mother. Many people can ask for forgiveness for their actions, but only a few have the courage to punish themselves. Considering that Mo Ne’s career has been her top priority since the very start, her actions speak volumes.

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