Lee Yu Bi Faces Diverse Emotions After Shocking Revelations In

SBS’s “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” has unveiled new stills!

Season 2 of the hit 2023 drama “The Escape of the Seven,” which told the revenge story about a man who dreams of becoming the king of a castle built on fake news, “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” depicts the counterattack of the seven people, who returned from hell, against new evil that held hands with Matthew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon).


Previously, Han Mo Ne (Lee Yu Bi) and Kang Ki Tak (Yoon Tae Young) continued their secret alliance. Han Mo Ne informed Min Do Hyuk (Lee Joon) that Hwang Chan Sung (Lee Jung Shin) installed a backdoor program on LUCA, allowing Min Do Hyuk to access it. She successfully diverted Hwang Chan Sung’s attention and brought him to her home. However, Hwang Chan Sung soon grew suspicious, leading to a confrontation where Han Mo Ne stabbed him in the chest. The episode concluded with Kang Ki Tak shocking everyone by ending Hwang Chan Sung’s life, adding intense suspense.

The newly released stills depict the aftermath of Hwang Chan Sung’s revelation that Kang Ki Tak is Bang Da Mi’s (Jung Lael’s) father, leaving Han Mo Ne in unexpected shock. Her bewildered expression as she looks at Kang Ki Tak, who saved her from danger and ended Hwang Chan Sung’s life, raises anticipation for what will happen next. In another photo, the atmosphere between Han Mo Ne and Kang Ki Tak appears tense. Their intense gazes toward something unseen increase the suspense. Additionally, Han Mo Ne’s determined and somewhat cunning demeanor hints at intriguing developments to come.

The new stills also capture a new dynamic between Han Mo Ne and No Han Na (Shim Ji Yoo). Whether it’s No Han Na leaning into Han Mo Ne’s embrace or the warm gestures they share, signs of change are clear. Viewers wonder what emotional shift has occurred in Han Mo Ne and what final actions she will take to protect Min Do Hyuk and her family.

The production team stated that Han Mo Ne’s alliance to fulfill Min Do Hyuk’s plan will continue. Han Mo Ne’s risky retaliation to bring down Matthew Lee will be intriguing, according to the production team.

The next episode of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” airs on May 17 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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