3 Clever & 1 Not-So-Clever Moments In Episodes 13-14 Of

As the finale is drawing closer, the characters are finally trying to take down Matthew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon). Whether it was discreetly using sign language or feeding LUCA with false information, some characters have gotten smarter, while others did some illogical things. Here are three clever and one not-so-clever moments in “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” episodes 13 and 14.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 13-14 below.

Clever: Han Mon Ne using Hwang Chan Sung

Han Mon Ne (Lee Yu Bi) has been struggling with the obsessive behavior of Hwang Chan Sung (Lee Jung Shin) since the start of Season 2. He does not consider Mon Ne’s feelings and only wants to acquire her as a trophy. People like Chan Sung are a ticking time bomb; you never know what word of yours will trigger them and put you in a deadly situation. In episodes 13 and 14, we finally see Mon Ne using Chan Sung’s obsession against him.

For the past few episodes, Chan Sung has been tormenting Mon Ne, threatening to harm people she loves and cares for, such as her mother, her biological daughter, No Han Na (Shim Ji Yoo), and Min Do Hyuk (Lee Joon). Mon Ne even successfully runs away from him only to return back with one agenda in her mind: killing Chan Sung to protect the people she loves.

Killing him right away is not the right option, and she knows that. Instead of slaughtering the lamb right away, she first benefits from shaving its fur. At the end of episode 12, we see Mon Ne kissing Chan Sung, acting as if she loves him. In episode 13, she shows her affection toward her new husband by fixing his jacket; however, it is just a way for her to plant a bug on him. As Chan Sung and Matthew Lee are crime partners, the bug helps Mon Ne and the team learn about their plans in advance. And after she has used him as much as she can, she finally stabs a knife in his chest, leaving her with one less problem.

Clever: Feeding LUCA with misinformation

Isn’t it satisfying to see a villain being defeated by their own weapon? For the entirety of Season 2, Matthew Lee has been using LUCA, his highly intelligent technology, to spy on people, collect data for blackmailing, and much more. So, it is funny to see Do Hyuk feeding LUCA with misinformation to throw Matthew Lee off the track.

In last week’s episode, Matthew Lee holds a press conference where he is doing a DNA test, fingerprint scans, and other tests to prove that he is the real Lee Hwi So (Min Young Ki), Bang Da Mi’s (Jung Lael’s) adoptive father. Do Hyuk plans to reveal his true identity in front of the press by asking Matthew Lee to identify Hwi So’s friends. Matthew Lee identifies these friends successfully by the help of LUCA. But it turns out that Do Hyuk had hacked LUCA, and Hwi So had never met these “friends.” And that is how the press finds out that Matthew Lee is lying about his real identity.

Not-so-clever: Telling Go Myoung Ji about Yang Jin Mo right after her surgery

In episodes 11 and 12, when Yang Jin Mo (Yoon Jong Hoon) tells unconscious Go Myoung Ji (Jo Yoon Hee) that he would give her his heart in a heartbeat to save her life, the viewers thought it was just a way to show his undying love for his wife. He is indeed confessing his love to her, but what no one anticipated was that the dialogue was foreshadowing Jin Mo’s death.

During a chase scene in episode 14, while saving his three kids, Jin Mo gets in an accident and is rushed to the same hospital where Myoung Ji is admitted. Myoung Ji is on a heart transplant list for a few days, so when Jin Mo is pronounced brain dead, the doctor transplants Jin Mo’s heart into Myoung Ji. Up until this scene, everything was fine. Jin Mo’s death came out of nowhere, but viewers know that due to the genre of this drama, some or maybe all of the main cast will die one way or another. However, the stupid part about this entire ordeal was what happens after the operation.

Imagine, there is a patient who loves her husband deeply. Her husband dies, and she gets his heart. She is waking up from a complicated life-saving surgery, and don’t forget that any stress would be detrimental to her health. So, when do you reveal to her that her husband was killed? Any answer that is not “right after she wakes up from the heart transplant surgery for the first time” would be correct. But unfortunately, that’s not what happens.

Cha Ju Ran (Shin Eun Kyung) sees Myoung Ji waking up from the surgery and tells her about Jin Mo’s death right away. Myoung Ji is distressed and starts crying, upon which the doctors have to come in to sedate her while Ju Ran leaves her room.

Clever: Use of sign language

Throughout the season, Han Na is shown to be a smart and mature child. Whether it is slowly making a place in Erica’s (Jung Seo Yeon) heart despite her initial displeasure towards Han Na, or helping the adults around her, Han Na definitely has a high IQ and EQ. So, when Matthew Lee’s goons kidnap Han Na along with the Go twins, Ju Ran and Nam Chul Woo (Jo Jae Yun), Han Na’s quick thinking comes in handy. Matthew Lee video calls his goon to show Jin Mo that he has Jin Mo’s three kids. But during the call, Han Na uses sign language to tell Jin Mo their location, which helps save their lives.

One thing that is difficult to understand is, when did Jin Mo exactly learn sign language? For Han Na, it makes sense to know the language as that’s the only way she communicates with Mon Ne’s mother, with whom she lived for a few months. But Jin Mo has never shown to use sign language before, making his sudden fluency quite shocking.

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