10 Songs By K-Pop Artists For Music Lovers With Rock Spirit

Nothing beats classic rock, but if you want some newer songs to add to your playlist then K-pop has some great songs filled with rock. With a little bit of a modern twist, these tracks are the perfect blend of old and new! There’s something about a good guitar riff and some drums that really hit right.

LE SSERAFIM  – “No Celestial”

LE SSERAFIM has explored an incredible number of genres with their music considering that the group is just barely over two years old while still staying true to the K-pop sound at their core. “No Celestial” is a B-side, but the energy and awesome rock sound make it just as much fun as any title track!

Stray Kids – “Time Out”

If you’re nostalgic for that late ’90s and early 2000s boy-band sound, then Stray Kids’ “Time Out” is the perfect song for you! Another group that has explored an incredible variety of musical influences throughout their career, it’s no surprise that they killed it with this fun pop-rock track too.

Dreamcatcher – “GOOD NIGHT”

A girl group that’s stuck to their hardcore roots, Dreamcatcher is known for a rock sound that combines the classic K-pop structure and sound. “GOOD NIGHT” features some stunning vocals and a guitar track that’s to die for. This is a group to check out if you want something a little out-of-the-box on your K-pop playlist!

TXT – “Growing Pain”

A tragically underrated B-side track from TXT, “Growing Pain” is for the hardcore rock fans. TXT has demonstrated an unbelievable amount of vocal range when it comes to meeting the demands of different genres. They also have some more pop-punk rock songs if that’s your vibe, so don’t count TXT out when it comes to rock-inspired tracks!

OH MY GIRL – “Perfect Day”

An oldie but a goodie, “Perfect Day” is a track from OH MY GIRL—a group usually known for the super bright, bubblegum K-pop sound! This song might come as a surprise for newer fans more familiar with the group’s recent discography, but it’s a great pop-rock piece that’s not too heavy.

DAY6 – “Shoot Me”

A total phenomenon when it first released in 2018, you’d be hard-pressed to find a K-pop fan at the time that hadn’t heard this song. Luckily for us, it’s every bit as good now as it was the day it was released! DAY6 is a K-pop band, which straddles the line between K-pop and K-rock. If bands are your thing, DAY6 is incredible!

Choi Ye Na – “WithOrWithOut”

A former member of iconic girl group IZ*ONE, Choi Ye Na is now a successful solo artist with several hit tracks to her name. “WithOrWithOut” is a B-side from her second album and has the kind of female pop-rock sound that’s just too fun to listen to. This one might get stuck in your head, so watch out!


From the second that bass line starts, it’s clear that SEVENTEEN’s “March” is a banger! This one is also criminally underrated, but it’s got the guitar and drums to ground it while the vocals just soar. SEVENTEEN is reliably hitting it out of the park with every genre they try, so it’s not surprising that this song is so good.


If you’ve never heard this song, where have you been!? (G)I-DLE undeniably had the song of the summer in 2022 with this release, setting free the rebellious spirit that underlies a lot of the group’s songs in a rock-inspired track. This song screams “girl power,” but no matter who you are, you can get rockin’ to “TOMBOY”!

Xdinary Heroes – “No Matter”

If you like your rock with a side of grunge, Xdinary Heroes is the band for you. Another group that straddles the line between K-pop and K-rock, “No Matter” is for the OG rock fans. Not only are the vocals flawless, but the skill behind the instrumentals in this track is jaw-dropping. Just listen for the guitar riffs!

What other K-pop songs would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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