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Boys Be Brave!” has come to an end way too fast. The final episodes were filled with growth, confessions, hugs, and kisses. They were nothing but all-around wholesome goodness. Here are six moments in particular that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Warning: Episodes 7-8 spoilers ahead.

1. Jin Woo and Ki Sub playing house

After reuniting at the train station last week, Jung Ki Sub (Nam Si An) and Kim Jin Woo (Kim Sung Hyen) go to Jin Woo’s childhood home in Hoengseong. This is because Jin Woo’s father, a professor, urgently needed some documents, so he contacted Ki Sub after not being able to reach Jin Woo. Thus, Jin Woo chaotically rushes home to meet Ki Sub, and they go to his house together.


A whole lot happens in between—Ki Sub accidentally destroys the said important documents, Jin Woo and his dad have an important heart-to-heart, and so on—but the most heartwarming moments are Ki Sub and Jin Woo just being happy together. After the miscommunication from prior episodes, it was nice to see them freely enjoying each other’s company. Jin Woo is always so analytical and focused on studying, but Ki Sub lets him embrace his inner child and be silly.


2. Ki Sub granting Jin Woo’s childhood wish

After spending the night with Jin Woo, Ki Sub whisks him off to a secret destination. They go to a space museum, and there’s a pretty montage of scenes as the two have a great time exploring the different sensory rooms. It looks like they’re just on a cute date, but Ki Sub reveals it’s a birthday gift for Jin Woo.


The night before, Ki Sub found an old drawing that Jin Woo made as a kid, wishing to go to space with his family. All of Ki Sub’s planning the night before while Jin Woo slept was to make Jin Woo’s childhood wish come true. This self-proclaimed adorable cockroach has such a heart of gold.

3. Ki Sub finally saying “no”

Ever since his childhood, Ki Sub has felt pressured to always say “yes” and be a people-pleaser due to his medical condition. He’d always agree with his parents and go along with their wishes because he didn’t want to burden them. This has had long-term effects on his ideas of liking someone. His past relationships have engrained into him this idea that his feelings aren’t authentic or real, and he can’t ever really like someone. A year ago, he even agreed to go live in the United States because his doctor was moving there.

But things have changed. Ki Sub now realizes he really likes Jin Woo, not out of feeling inclined to say “yes” but because he sincerely likes him. When Jin Woo confesses his true feelings, Ki Sub gains the courage to say no to his family and follow what he wants to do. He tells his family he won’t be going to the United States because he wants to stay by Jin Woo’s side, his human vitamin that keeps him strong!

4. Jin Woo and Ki Sub become a couple

Now that Ki Sub has spoken up to his family about what he really wants, he can say yes to Jin Woo and mean it. After clearing the air with his family, he rushes to Jin Woo’s house and confesses, to which Jin Woo replies with a cute kiss. So the two finally become a couple, though it’s pretty clear they’ve liked each other since the beginning. It was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.


5. Ki Sub cheering up Balgeum

Things haven’t been as good for Choi Balgeum (Jung Yeo Jun). He’s been holed up at his home since having a falling out with Ji In Ho (Ahn Se Min). He’s been ignoring everyone’s texts and calls, even work, which is totally unlike Balgeum. This makes Ki Sub worried, so he visits Balgeum’s house (of course, he brings Jin Woo along). He finds Balgeum curled up in bed, where he’s been for days.

Balgeum is worried his situation will never change, but Ki Sub knocks some sense into him by telling him that he’s actually grown so much compared to who he was in high school. Instead of running away, he at least tried again to work it out with In Ho. Ki Sub invites Balgeum to have a meal with him and Jin Woo, and he gets Balgeum to go outside again.

Though the story ends with Balgeum and Ji In Ho (Ahn Se Min) still working things out, Balgeum vows to become a better person before reconnecting with In Ho. Without Ki Sub’s encouraging words, he may have never been willing to see In Ho again, let alone consider a better future with him.

6. …and last but not least, Kang Hye Jin getting her girl

If you thought Kang Hye Jin (Jung Yoo Hyeon) was out of the picture after Jin Woo told her he likes Ki Sub, think again. She makes a final appearance in the last episode, but she isn’t holding a bat or anything this time, don’t worry.

Jin Woo, Ki Sub, and Balgeum decide to work for a New Year’s Eve party, and Hye Jin shows up as a guest. At first, Ki Sub is worried she’s back for another fight (and to maybe even steal Jin Woo away), but Jin Woo greets her, and she hints she is here to meet someone special.

When the New Year’s countdown ends, she’s shown excitedly hugging an unnamed girl. Earlier, she told Jin Woo that she hasn’t had the courage to confess to the people she’s liked in the past. Though it’s only hinted at, this seems to be a girl (or the girl) that she finally told her feelings to. If it is, good for Hye Jin!

It’s also nice to see that Jin Woo and Hye Jin have become good friends after all that has happened. Everyone deserves a strong friend who is willing to speak up for you, and that’s definitely Hye Jin.

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It’s so bittersweet to see a show come to an end! What was your favorite part of the final episodes of “Boys Be Brave!”? Let us know in the comments below!

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