Lee Je Hoon Faces Dangerous Situations During Military Breakout In New Film

Upcoming action thriller film “Escape” has unveiled new stills featuring Lee Je Hoon!

“Escape” tells the story of the other side of the barbed-wire fence at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and depicts the fierce escape and pursuit of North Korean soldier Gyu Nam (Lee Je Hoon), who dreams of living a life with a future, and security team officer Hyun Sang (Koo Kyo Hwan), who must stop him. The film is helmed by Lee Jong Pil of “Samjin Company English Class” and “The Sound of a Flower.”

Newly released character stills depict Gyu Nam’s tense expression as he begins a life-threatening escape. From the moment of crisis with a gun pointed at him to the intense sprinting, the stills vividly portray Gyu Nam’s dynamic escape.

Sergeant Gyu Nam, stationed near the Military Demarcation Line, is nearing the end of his 10-year service and dreams of escaping to a place where he can pursue his desires, liberated from the harsh reality of being unable to shape his own future, even if he encounters failure.

Lee Je Hoon, aiming to depict Gyu Nam’s sincere emotions and determined struggles toward his dream, not only lost weight but also tackled the demanding filming process with passion. He endured endless running and traversed rough terrain of bushes and muddy swamps. Additionally, he depicts Gyu Nam’s steadfast resolve to push through the challenging escape process with intense and determined eyes, effectively conveying the character’s emotions.

Director Lee Jong Pil said, “I vaguely hoped Gyu Nam would have the determination and gaze of someone striving to escape. Lee Je Hoon was perfect for that role. Seeing him fully immersed and focused, I truly felt he embodied Gyu Nam.”

Lee Je Hoon stated, “I saw Gyu Nam as one of the everyday folks seeking to break free from reality and pursue the ideals of tomorrow, dreams, and hope. I think Gyu Nam’s yearning for a brighter future and his resolve to pursue it will strike a chord with many.”

“Escape” is set to hit theaters on July 3.

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