Um Tae Goo Dishes On His Character In Upcoming Drama

Um Tae Goo has shared his thoughts on his character in JTBC’s upcoming drama “My Sweet Mobster”!

“My Sweet Mobster” is a romance drama with surprising twists starring Um Tae Goo as Seo Ji Hwan, a man who has overcome his troubled past, and Han Sun Hwa as Go Eun Ha, a kids’ content creator. The drama promises a story of reconciling the past and rediscovering childhood innocence.

Um Tae Goo, who is known for playing commanding roles like a Japanese officer and a soldier, thanked fans for their interest in the new drama’s teasers and posters. “I’ve heard many people say that the drama looked like it’d be fun to watch after seeing the teasers and posters,” said the actor. “It’s all thanks to the efforts of the many staff members who made the visuals intense and enjoyable so that viewers can quickly understand what the drama is about.”

He added, “Because I’ve recently done a lot of darker projects and roles, I naturally wanted to connect with viewers through more lighthearted projects as well. That’s when I stumbled upon ‘My Sweet Mobster,’ and because it’s a delightful and adorable drama, I thought to myself that I wanted to take on this new challenge.”

Um Tae Goo revealed that even though his character Seo Ji Hwan is constantly dressed in black attire, which conceals his true nature, he’s actually a person with pure intentions. Explaining that he aimed to capture all these different facets of the character, he said, “I focused on showing the stark difference in Seo Ji Hwan’s behavior when he interacts with Go Eun Ha compared to when he’s working.”

The actor also noted, “I believe I’ve tried every heart gesture possible [while playing Seo Ji Hwan].” He went on to explain, “I believed that displaying such a playful side could accentuate Seo Ji Hwan’s unexpected charms. So I dedicated myself to it and did my best, and as I kept going, I got swept up in the mood, forgetting any embarrassment and giving it my all.”

Um Tae Goo continued, “Since Seo Ji Hwan is absorbed in his work and is busy taking care of the people at his company, he hasn’t had much experience with dating, so he often appears awkward. While he usually pursues perfection, he is clumsy when it comes to relationships, which could be one oof his charming points.” When asked to list three keywords for the character of Seo Ji Hwan, he replied, “Awkward, upstanding, and warm-hearted.”

He continued, “In the drama, Seo Ji Hwan always holds himself to strict standards to prevent reverting to his past after putting it behind him. I hope viewers will keep an eye on how Seo Ji Hwan, who used to live in constant tension, discovers the emotion of love after meeting Go Eun Ha and how he gradually embraces that feeling. I also hope viewers will gradually warm up to the clumsy yet lovable Seo Ji Hwan and the charms of ‘My Sweet Mobster.'”

“My Sweet Mobster” will premiere on June 12 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Um Tae Goo in “The Great Battle” below:

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