Hong Sa Bin Joins Lee Je Hoon's Military Breakout To Reunite With His Family In Upcoming Film

Upcoming action thriller film “Escape” has unveiled new stills featuring Hong Sa Bin!

“Escape” tells the story of the other side of the barbed-wire fence at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and depicts the fierce escape and pursuit of North Korean soldier Gyu Nam (Lee Je Hoon), who dreams of living a life with a future, and security team officer Hyun Sang (Koo Kyo Hwan), who must stop him. The film is helmed by Lee Jong Pil of “Samjin Company English Class” and “The Sound of a Flower.”

Hong Sa Bin, known for his roles in “Duty After School” and “Jirisan,” earned acclaim for his skillful portrayal of characters’ inner struggles, establishing himself as a rising star. He won the Best New Actor award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Rising Star award at the London Asian Film Festival.

Hong Sa Bin portrays Dong Hyuk, a young soldier stationed near the Military Demarcation Line alongside Gyu Nam. Gyu Nam looks out for Dong Hyuk like family. Dreaming of reuniting with his defected mother and sibling, Dong Hyuk seeks to join Gyu Nam’s escape plan. When Gyu Nam declines, Dong Hyuk takes matters into his own hands, altering the plan. Eventually, he joins the risky journey, bringing a mix of youthful innocence and determined urgency to their story.

Newly released stills depict him hiding with a tense look, displaying fear and scars from harsh torture and vigilantly scanning his surroundings at night, offering a glimpse into his tough escape. Hong Sa Bin is ready to display his talent once more on the screen as he carefully portrays the nervous mindset of Dong Hyuk, who has made a life-altering decision to escape. Additionally, he will handle demanding action scenes, including intense running and evading pursuit with Gyu Nam, proving his versatility yet again.

Director Lee Jong Pil explained, “I envisioned Dong Hyuk as a friend or a family member, someone relatable. I felt that a skilled actor capable of breathing life into seemingly ordinary yet vibrant characters should play Dong Hyuk.” He continued, “Hong Sa Bin’s performance is truly outstanding. Plus, he embodies the qualities of a cute, loyal, and warm-hearted friend.”

“Escape” is set to hit theaters on July 3.

In the meantime, watch Hong Sa Bin in “Jirisan”:

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