Under the Gun” stars Zuho and Jo Soo Min have enjoyed a fun time with global viewers through an exclusive live event!

Previously on May 31 KST, Zuho and Jo Soo Min, who play Go Gun and Cha Se Young in “Under the Gun,” joined an exciting live broadcast hosted by Rakuten Viki.

In the first segment called “Stone Stacking,” Zuho and Jo Soo Min stacked stones after answering This or That questions in which they had to choose one of the two options that suited them better. In the game, whoever stacks more stones without them collapsing wins.

While Jo Soo Min tried to choose blocks in different shapes and colors, Zuho only went for the largest blocks that seemed relatively easy to stack. However, Zuho’s stacked stones broke down when he was trying to stack his sixth block. Right after he lost, Zuho said, “I have shaky hands,” creating laughter.

The actors also took time to answer questions that were submitted from fans through Viki’s Instagram. When asked what they like about acting, Jo Soo Min answered, “It’s interesting and fun to be able to experience the lives of others when I’m just one person.” Zuho drew laughter on set by saying, “I will copy what Soo Min said.”

Zuho and Jo Soo Min also played the “Draw & Guess” game where they were given different keywords and asked to draw each keyword within 30 seconds while viewers had to guess what the keywords were. When fans got all of the answers correct, Jo Soo Min commented in surprise, “I was surprised that so many of you guessed them right. I feel like I want to play more of this!”

Watch the full live event through the archived video on Viki’s Instagram below!

Also check out the behind-the-scenes photos of Jo Soo Min on her Instagram below:

“Under the Gun” is a noir romance drama about Go Gun, the son of a professional Texas Hold ’em player, and Cha Se Young, who dreamed of becoming a pianist before going to study abroad in the United States.

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