Lee Jung Ha Undergoes A Change After He Meets Shin Ha Kyun In

tvN’s upcoming drama “The Auditors” has shared a sneak peek of Lee Jung Ha’s character!

“The Auditors” is a new drama starring Shin Ha Kyun as Shin Cha Il, a tough and level-headed audit team leader who values rational thinking over emotion. Lee Jung Ha will star as Gu Han Soo, an emotional new hire who is Shin Cha Il’s polar opposite in many ways.

Gu Han Soo is a passionate team member who has great trust in people. Having received a lot of love while growing up, Gu Han Soo has a positive outlook on life. He is also adept at operating computers because he dreamed of becoming a white hat hacker (ethical hacker) since his school days. As a member of the audit team, Gu Han Soo works hard while aspiring to be transferred to the Florida branch of JU Construction where it is said that work and rest coexist. However, he faces a change with the arrival of new team leader Shin Cha Il.

The newly released stills capture the transformation of Gu Han Soo. Unlike his usual smiling appearance, Gu Han Soo wears a keen gaze as he keeps a close eye on the person subject to the audit. His sincere facial expression while examining evidence hints at the fluctuations in his heart.

Viewers are curious to find out the reason behind Gu Han Soo’s change in gaze and how his future will be altered following the arrival of the new audit team leader Shin Cha Il.

“The Auditors” is set to premiere in July. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

While waiting, watch Lee Jung Ha host “Music Core” below:

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