The stars of “The Atypical Family” have shared their thoughts ahead of the show’s final week!

With just two episodes left to go, the drama’s leads took a fond look back at the series—and also hinted at what viewers should keep an eye out for in the remaining episodes.

Jang Ki Yong started out by humbly remarking, “Thank you to everyone who loved ‘The Atypical Family’ and Bok Gwi Joo. I worried a lot over how to portray the charming character that is Bok Gwi Joo. Thanks to the great director, writer, production team, and cast, I was able to make it to the end and successfully wrap up the drama.”

As for what to pay attention to in the drama’s final week, Jang Ki Yong said, “If you follow each character’s emotions, you’ll be able to immerse yourself more deeply in the story and enjoy watching the drama more.” He added, “I hope you’ll stay with us through the final episode.”

Chun Woo Hee teased, “I think you’ll be able to enjoy what’s left of our journey if you focus on whether all of the characters will be able to make their respective wishes come true. Will Do Da Hae be able to create a true family? Will Bok Gwi Joo go back to the past and rescue Do Da Hae? Will the Bok family and the sauna fraud ring be able to achieve their individual goals and find happiness? What kind of changes will all of these characters undergo as they face reality? Please tune in to find out.”

The actress also expressed her gratitude to the show’s viewers, saying, “Thank you for joining us and loving ‘The Atypical Family.’ I hope that it resonates with you and that you’ll remember it for a long time.”

Chun Woo Hee continued, “We’re always regretting the past and getting anxious over the future, so we wind up missing the moment that is ‘right now.’ I hope you’ll always be happy and healthy while enjoying the present moment.”

Meanwhile, Claudia Kim confessed, “I was curious and also a bit worried about how viewers would react to the character of Bok Dong Hee, so I’m grateful that you saw her as lovable and enjoyed watching her.”

She went on to add, “On the previous episode, Bok Dong Hee returned to her past appearance. I think it’d be good to keep an eye on whether Bok Dong Hee will be able to recover both her lost ability to fly and her self-esteem. I hope you’ll focus on Bok Dong Hee’s emotions while watching.”

The final two episodes of “The Atypical Family” will air on June 8 and 9 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jang Ki Yong in “Now We Are Breaking Up” with subtitles on Viki below:

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And Chun Woo Hee in “Melo Is My Nature” below!

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