The Latest Hair Trend? Sideswept Bangs! Here Are 6 Idols Proving It

It seems like Y2K trends are coming back in almost every way possible, and the next Y2K style that is making major waves is sideswept bangs! While Millennials might look back on this trend and shiver, these six idols are proving that the more modern version of this trend can be a great look. Plus, there are variations on the style to suit whatever cut you’re rocking right now!

1. aespa’s Giselle

A total Gen Z icon, Giselle of aespa is always on the forefront of what’s popping in style. Her version of the sideswept bang is almost straight out of the early 2000’s, but she keeps the look from getting too clunky by adding fun accessories. If you want to fully commit to the trend, then follow in Giselle’s footsteps!

2. NMIXX’s Haewon

For a slightly softer take on the side bang that also works really well for those who are growing out already-existing bangs, take a tip from NMIXX’s Haewon! By keeping the side part relatively conservative and making sure there’s volume at the roots, she makes the look natural and effortless without falling flat.

3. Billlie’s Tsuki

If you’ve already got short bangs but still want a statement side sweep, then Billlie’s Tsuki has got you covered. This asymmetrical look has a slight wave to it, which gives it some shape. Plus, the little piece right in the middle of her forehead adds a lot of interest to what otherwise could be a fairly basic look!

4. ILLIT’s Minju

This look, courtesy of ILLIT’s Minju, is for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to bangs but still want to try something new. By keeping her bangs super long and layered, Minju can create a side sweep that doesn’t completely cover her forehead or overtake her gorgeous features. Plus, it’s easier to style than other side bangs!

5. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Another style that works really well if you’re trying to grow out the bangs you’ve already got, Seulgi has her wispy bangs swept across her forehead. The lighter color and cut keeps it from looking too heavy, but the great part about this style is that you can work with what you have to find something that looks great on you!

6. IVE’s Jang Won Young

If you’ve already got classic straight-cut bangs, don’t worry – you can still try out this look! IVE’s Jang Won Young has her bangs parted just slightly to the side, with some wispy face-framing pieces that even out the asymmetry a little. This might take a little practice to master, but it’s a statement look on an otherwise classic style.

Are you planning to switch up your hairstyle this summer? What are some of your favorite trends? Let us know!

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