Han Chae Young, Han Bo Reum, Choi Woong, And More Sit Down For A Movie Premiere In

KBS2’s upcoming drama “Scandal” has shared a group poster!

“Scandal” will tell the story of a woman who wants to have the world and another woman who risks everything for revenge. Han Bo Reum will play the vengeful screenwriter Baek Seol Ah, whose life took a dark turn after her father remarried Moon Jung In (Han Chae Young). As an adult, she became engaged to aspiring actor Seo Jin Ho (Choi Woong), who mysteriously disappeared on their wedding day. Upon discovering that her stepmother was involved in his disappearance, Seol Ah sets out for revenge.

In the group poster featuring a movie theater backdrop, Moon Jung In, the representative of Jung In Entertainment, attends the initial screening of the her production movie “Poker Face.” She looks at the screen with a confident pose, radiating captivating and intense charisma.

Baek Seol Ah, the aspiring screenwriter behind “Poker Face,” gazes coldly at the screen, hinting at the looming revenge plot. She wears a white dress while seated beside Moon Jung In, who is dressed in black sheer attire, creating a striking juxtaposition. The contrasting outfits accentuate the tension between them as they face off. A puppy doll positioned between them, symbolizing their past mother-daughter bond, intensifies curiosity about their hidden history.

Seo Jin Ho, seated in the row right in front of Baek Seol Ah, flaunts a sharp suit and a butterfly bow tie, emanating superstar vibes. With an arm casually draped over the chair and wearing a smug expression, Min Tae Chang (Lee Byung Joon) subtly stirs tension and generates an uneasy atmosphere.

Min Joo Ryun (Kim Kyu Sun), who is holding a wine glass, and Kim Seok Gi (Jin Ju Hyung) observe the project the company is involved in with a hint of seriousness. The confident yet relaxed expressions on their faces hint at the success of Jung In Entertainment.

Na Hyeon Woo (Jeon Seung Bin), the director of “Poker Face,” looks visibly tense as he holds a bouquet of red roses at the preview. His presence with the bouquet sparks curiosity about its meaning and the intended recipient. Seated next to him, Lee Sun Ae (Lee Si Eun) holds a wine glass, showcasing her characteristic elegance, which adds to the intrigue surrounding the dynamic between Na Hyeon Woo and her role in the film.

While tightly holding hands, Choi Mi Seon (Jo Hyang Gi) and Park Il Joong (Hwang Dong Joo) wear warm smiles, suggesting an overload of sweetness. Seated beside them, their daughter Park Ji Yeon (Kim Yui) and “Poker Face” assistant director Na Seung Woo (Kim Jin Woo) share popcorn and soda, hinting at potential shifts in their relationship dynamics. Additionally, Go Eun Byeol (Oh Young Joo), holds a lollipop, fully engaged in “Poker Face,” teasing the diverse character lineup in “Scandal,” adding to the excitement for the premiere.

“Scandal” will premiere on June 17 at 7:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Han Bo Reum in “The Escape of the Seven” below:

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And watch Han Chae Young in “Sponsor” below:

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