10 K-Pop Songs To Listen To When You Want To Feel Your Best

While any song can be a feel-good if it makes you happy, there are some songs that really make you feel your best and most beautiful no matter what the situation! These K-pop bops are perfect for a playlist that will have you feeling on top of the world. Need a confidence boost? These are some awesome options!

(G)I-DLE – “Queencard”

A song for the divas out there, “Queencard” by (G)I-DLE has been a hit since day one. If you want to feel like the baddest and most beautiful version of yourself while rocking out to a song that will be stuck in your head for days, this is it. Even the music video is all about feeling good in your skin and staying true to you!

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

An oldie but a goodie, “Pretty U” by SEVENTEEN is written from the perspective of someone who can’t figure out how to ask out their crush. It’s a surprisingly sweet and cute track, but it’s also just some feel-good listening! A peppy song that’s not too overwhelming, this song has a way of making you feel beautiful.

NewJeans – “New Jeans”

A superhero-themed music video with a relaxing but fun song to go with, NewJeans’ track titled “New Jeans” is perfect for that glow-up moment. Whether you’ve just gotten a new hairstyle, changed up your wardrobe, or just want to feel like everything is fresh and new again, the lyrics really give that glow-up feeling.

Stray Kids – “DOMINO”

Physical appearance is one thing, but sometimes you really just need the confidence to accomplish your goals. Stray Kids has your back! The group promoted “DOMINO” as a B-side, and the lyrics are all about being able to do anything you set your mind to with ease. Plus, the beat is so good that it gives you confidence all on its own!

STAYC – “Bubble”

One of those cheery tracks with a surprisingly deep message, STAYC’s “Bubble” is for those days when you’re filled with self-doubt or the haters are getting you down. It’s an instant pick-me-up—I promise! Between the ultra-bright sound and addictive melody, the lyrics remind you to pop those bad thoughts just like a bubble!

TXT, Jonas Brothers – “Do It Like That”

For a track with a little bit of that feel-good nostalgia, it’s one of the most unexpected collabs in K-pop—TXT and the Jonas Brothers! “Do It Like That” is an English track with a fun and funky beat that’ll have you dancing no matter how low you feel at the moment. It’s perfect for when you need a boost of energy!


A stormy music video that ends in smooth sailing, TWICE’s recent release “I GOT YOU” shows a slightly more grown-up version of the classic bubblegum girl-group track. It’s good listening, with stellar vocals that display the range that TWICE has. It’s also a great reminder that no matter what, you’re not alone and you can make it!

NCT DREAM – “We Go Up”

This track may be a couple years old, but it’s aged like fine wine! NCT DREAM’s “We Go Up” is about looking to the future and remembering that everything is temporary. The beat is unique, the chorus is super singable, and the rap section is one only NCT DREAM can pull off. It’s only up from here!


Considered a LE SSERAFIM classic by this point, “ANTIFRAGILE” is a reminder that you are strong. No matter what life throws at you, you’re not going to break! With a slight reggaeton influence that feels unique and fun, this is also a great song to throw on a playlist when you need to get the bad energy out and keep on going.

BTS – “Life Goes On”

Ending this list on a chill note, it’s BTS’s “Life Goes On”! Despite the laid-back beat and relaxed melody, this song still has a way of making you feel good. It’s proof that no matter what happens, life goes on! Released during the pandemic, this song also holds extra-special meaning as a reminder that even the hardest times aren’t forever.

Hey Soompiers, which K-pop song instantly puts you in a good mood and makes you feel your best? Let us know below!

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