Watch: Karina, Hyeri, Kim Do Hoon, And More Immersed In Their Roles In

Netflix’s upcoming variety show “Agents of Mystery” has unveiled character profiles!

“Agents of Mystery” is a mystery adventure show in which Lee Yong Jin, Lee Eun Ji, John Park, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Kim Do Hoon, and aespa’s Karina track and solve strange cases that cannot be explained scientifically. The show is produced by PD Jung Jong Yeon of “The Devil’s Plan,” “The Genius,” “The Great Escape,” and more.

The character preview trailer sets the stage for an exciting journey with the lively cast, showcasing their diverse talents and strong teamwork. It all begins with Hyeri, the escape room specialist, confidently stating, “I bet everything here is a clue.” Lee Yong Jin, the exemplary mystery solver, offers reassuring words by saying, “I’ll always be with you.” Meanwhile, John Park, dubbed the brainy American brother, calmly unravels crucial clues, while Lee Eun Ji, affectionately known as the Emo Guardian, provides thoughtful support to her team. Then there’s Kim Do Hoon, the passionate action hero, boldly declaring, “I’ll see what’s up there.” Lastly, Karina, the walking supply kit, swiftly gathers items that could aid the investigation, expressing, “I hope I can be helpful to the team.” Together, these six members promise a dynamic mix of skills and personalities.

As the teaser progresses, hints of thrilling mystery cases and captivating storylines emerge, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. “It felt like we were somewhere we weren’t supposed to be,” remarks Hyeri, capturing the startling essence of the unfolding events. As the investigation team tackles these mysteries, expect carefully crafted scenarios, exciting missions, and realistic sets that draw you into the action, making the experience even more immersive.

The teaser ends on a lighthearted note with Karina humorously asking, “Should I climb up?” and Lee Yong Jin responding, “Actually, Karina, it might be dangerous, so you should go first,” eliciting laughter from the investigators and highlighting their unique chemistry.

Watch the new full video below:

“Agents of Mystery” premieres on June 18.

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