Yong Junhyung Personally Addresses Rumors Of Participation In Group Chat With Illegal Camera Footage

On the morning of June 12, Yong Junhyung shared a long post on his Instagram regarding past rumors. His full post is translated below:

Hello, this is Yong Junhyung.

Back then, I was undoubtedly foolish and made mistakes. I couldn’t correct the wrong situation, and amid heated criticism without knowing what the right choice was, I was fearful and did not want to cause harm to the company and members because of me, so I made the choice to leave the group with the determination to lose everything from the place that was everything to me for years.

I clicked on the video showing a black screen that was sent through a personal chat without any description, and before clicking it, I had no way to know what it was or what the intention was. After this, I could have said, “Stop, this is wrong,” but I couldn’t become the person who can say this, and I just shrugged it off.

However, as I explained then and appealed even afterwards, I never joined that certain group chat room nor was involved in the incident where despicable things that I don’t even want to speak of happened.

For years, many media outlets and people have repeatedly labeled me as one of the figures involved in that incident stating that I was a member of the chat room and that I consumed illegal footage. I spoke about the parts that were not true, but to everyone and in every article, I became the same kind of person as those people with whom I have nothing to do with.

I wasn’t confident enough to bring up past events again myself, and with just the thought of, “It will pass,” I spent time ignoring [the situation] without working up the courage.

Even if I get hurt or scarred, I will endure and get through them. Please… I sincerely ask that my family and the people I love and cherish as well as those watching me despite my shortcomings including fans not be hurt.

To all of you, and to many journalists, I will strive every day to deeply reflect on the aspects that I couldn’t correct in the past and the foolish actions and remarks in order to become a mature person.

Thank you for reading this unorganized long post.
It seems that it is easy to catch a nasty cold in hot summer.
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