Watch: Han Bo Reum, Choi Woong, And Lee Byung Joon Are All Entangled With Han Chae Young In

KBS2’s upcoming weekday drama “Scandal” has released a highlight teaser!

“Scandal” will tell the story of a woman who wants to have the world and another woman who risks everything for revenge. Han Chae Young plays Moon Jung In, the CEO of Jungin Entertainment, who is driven by ambition. Choi Woong stars as aspiring actor Seo Jin Ho, and Han Bo Reum plays his lover Baek Seol Ah.

The highlight teaser begins with Moon Jung In being found fallen from a rooftop. The video then gives a glimpse of Jung In’s past as she is seen having an affair with Min Tae Chang (Lee Byung Joon) and planning to kill her husband, Baek Seol Ah’s father, with him. The two ultimately succeed in murdering Seol Ah’s father, setting the stage for a shocking storyline.

After experiencing misfortune in her childhood, Seol Ah, now an adult, promises to marry aspiring actor Seo Jin Ho. However, Jin Ho stands at a crossroads, forced to choose between love and success, and he ultimately disappears on their wedding day due to an unexpected series of events.

Jin Ho then reappears as Jung Woo Jin, an actor secretly sponsored by Jung In Entertainment. Upon discovering this, Seol Ah feels betrayed and vows revenge. Later, after debuting as a scriptwriter, Seol Ah encounters her former stepmother Jung In at a wrap party. The two get into a confrontation, escalating the tension between them.

In another scene, Tae Chang warns Jin Ho, who is trying to help a fallen Jung In, “Don’t touch her. She’s not your woman.” The two men then wind up getting into a physical fight. Subsequently, Jin Ho takes Jung In’s hand as she weeps, stoking the flames of their already complicated relationship.

The intense conflict between Jung In and Seol Ah, the complex web of relationships surrounding them, and the hidden secrets behind Jung In’s death all heighten the anticipation for the drama’s premiere.

“Scandal” will premiere on June 17 at 7:50 p.m. KST. Watch the teaser below!

While you wait for “Scandal,” watch Han Chae Young in “Sponsor” below:

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