Jang Nara And Nam Ji Hyun Reunite Again After Their Tense First Encounter In Upcoming Drama “Good Partner”

Upcoming Drama “Good Partner” has shared stills of Jang Nara and Nam Ji Hyun!

“Good Partner” is an office and law drama about star lawyer Cha Eun Kyung (Jang Nara), for whom divorce is her calling, and rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri (Nam Ji Hyun), who is new to divorce. The drama will be penned by divorce specialist lawyer Choi Yu Na of the relatable Instagram cartoon “Marriage Red” (literal title), and the drama will be helmed by director Kim Ga Ram of “Nevertheless,” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” and “Vampire Detective.”

Jang Nara stars as Cha Eun Kyung, a top divorce lawyer. Cha Eun Kyung, a 17-year veteran, is known for being straightforward and a bit prickly. At a crossroads in her life, she clashes and bonds with rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri, who is her complete opposite, leading to significant changes.

Nam Ji Hyun plays rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri, who is new to divorce cases. Her character frequently clashes with Cha Eun Kyung, who prioritizes the firm’s interests and efficiency, leading to personal growth.

The new stills depict the first meeting of Cha Eun Kyung and Han Yu Ri. Divorce lawyer Cha Eun Kyung, who is giving a special lecture at a law school, maintains a composed demeanor. Her sharp gaze lands on Han Yu Ri, who has an indifferent facial expression, creating a cold atmosphere between them.

The next stills depict Cha Eun Kyung and Han Yu Ri’s reunion at Daejung Law Firm. Unlike their first encounter, rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri appears visibly nervous in front of Cha Eun Kyung, while Cha Eun Kyung is captured looking at her with a sharp gaze. Viewers can’t help but wonder what kind of catalyst Cha Eun Kyung and Han Yu Ri will be for each other and how they will become “Good Partners.”

Commenting on the synergy between her and Nam Ji Hyun, Jang Nara shared, “My chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun is really good. She has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable,” adding, “Han Yu Ri as portrayed by Nam Ji Hyun is truly lovable. Nam Ji Hyun perfectly captures the lovely yet strong character of Han Yu Ri.” She also described their relationship with the keyword “café latte,” suggesting that although their personalities seem incompatible, they create positive synergy when together.

Nam Ji Hyun expressed, “I am very grateful to be working on this project with my senior [Jang Nara]. She is one of the people I rely on the most on set,” adding, “One of the reasons I can confidently express Yu Ri is because Jang Nara is so receptive.”

Nam Ji Hyun chose “empathy” and “understanding” as keywords for Cha Eun Kyung and Han Yu Ri’s relationship, saying, “It will be interesting to see how these two people, who initially seem so different, change through empathy and understanding,” heightening anticipation for their special relationship.

“Good Partner” is set to premiere on July 12 at 10 p.m. KST.

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