FIFTY FIFTY To Make September Comeback As 5-Member Group Including Keena

FIFTY FIFTY will be returning this fall as a new five-member group including original member Keena.

Last year, the four original members of FIFTY FIFTY filed to suspend their exclusive contracts with their agency ATTRAKT, but their request was denied by the Seoul Central District Court. Although all four members initially appealed the decision, Keena later chose to cancel her appeal and returned to ATTRAKT in October. Shortly afterwards, ATTRAKT terminated its exclusive contracts with the other three members of the group.

On June 14, ATTRAKT announced that FIFTY FIFTY had been reorganized as a five-member group including Keena and was preparing to make a comeback in September.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is ATTRAKT.

First, we would like to once again sincerely thank everyone who loves for and supports FIFTY FIFTY and their agency ATTRAKT.

Last year, FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” achieved great results on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and the Official Singles Chart in the United Kingdom, where it ranked No. 17 and No. 8 respectively. Additionally, it received a great deal of love from K-pop fans all over the world, winning awards and honors such as “Top 2023 TikTok Songs Globally” and “K-Pop Song of the Year” at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

However, before [FIFTY FIFTY] could go on to achieve more things, there was a painful time when everything had to stop due to unfortunate news. In order to take a new leap, ATTRAKT has held private auditions to search for new members. As a result, this past April, we were able to decide on four new members, and FIFTY FIFTY will be making a new start as a five-member group including original member Keena.

Although we are well aware that there are many people who are waiting for FIFTY FIFTY to make a comeback, for the sake of album production quality and global marketing, we unavoidably need substantial time. In order to present a higher-quality [comeback, we are preparing to make a comeback in September instead of June, as we previously promised.

We are all too aware that this miraculous time and opportunity of today are only possible because of the precious fans who have been waiting for a long time. In order to live up to these expectations, before FIFTY FIFTY’s official album release, we are planning to present a pre-release track that will show FIFTY FIFTY’s unique color, and we are also currently preparing lots of other pre-release promotions as well.

Until the day of FIFTY FIFTY’s comeback, ATTRAKT’s employees will pour all of our passion and sincerity into each and every day and do our utmost so that FIFTY FIFTY can become a top K-pop girl group.

Thank you.

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