Watch: Rain Protects Kim Ha Neul As Her Life Is Threatened In Action-Packed Teasers For

Disney+ has released several intriguing new teasers for its upcoming drama “Red Swan”!

“Red Swan” will tell the story of Oh Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul), a former golfer who enters high society when she marries the heir of Hwain Group. After her life is threatened due to a fierce battle over succession, Wan Soo comes face-to-face with the Hwain family’s secret due to her bodyguard Seo Do Yoon (Rain).

The first teaser highlights the dangerous relationship that will form between Wan Soo and former police officer Do Yoon, who is hired to protect her. The video begins with Do Yoon asking Wan Soo if she is unhappy, to which she answers, “No.” He goes on to ask her, “What in the world is it that you wish to protect?”

Wan Soo then declares, “I don’t trust people,” and Do Yoon asks, “Who is the person who’s trying to kill you?” The teaser ends with Wan Soo imploring, “Make it so that I can trust you. I need you.”

The next teaser offers some insight into Do Yoon’s backstory and the reason he came to work for the Hwain family. The video reveals that during his police officer days, Do Yoon was secretly investigating a chaebol slush fund when his friend and fellow police officer Joo Hyuk was murdered. Determined to avenge him, Do Yoon arrives at the Hwain family home seeking answers. As he sets out to secretly investigate his friend’s death, Do Yoon declares, “I’m going to uncover the truth no matter what.”

As Wan Soo’s in-laws complain about her new bodyguard, Do Yoon warns her, “Someone tried to kill you.” As he fiercely fights to protect her life, someone asks him in disbelief, “Just how far are you planning to go?” He replies, “This is only the beginning.”

The third teaser begins with Do Yoon warning Wan Soo somberly, “Someone tried to kill you. They’re a professional. If it were me, I’d try again.” He then promises her “I’ll protect your life.”

In response to suspicions that the person who took a hit out on her is one of her in-laws, Wan Soo says, “Give me proof that the person who ordered me to be killed is someone in this family.” Amidst the family’s vicious battle for control over the company, Do Yoon wonders, “What is it they’re after?”

The fourth and final teaser spotlights the relationship between Wan Soo and the Hwain family. At the start of the clip, Wan Soo introduces her husband Kim Yong Guk (Jung Gyu Woon), the heir to Hwain Group, at a glitzy formal event.

However, the dark side of the glamorous Hwain family is soon revealed as Wan Soo’s mother-in-law Park Mi Ran (Seo Yi Sook) secretly orders money to be laundered. Then, when Wan Soo asks if she’s ever bought someone’s life with money, her mother-in-law replies disbelievingly, “Of course. You don’t know that?” After angrily throwing wads of cash at Wan Soo’s back, Park Mi Ran orders someone, “Kill them. Quickly.”

As a major scandal erupts within the Hwain family, Do Yoon wonders aloud, “What kind of people are living here?”

“Red Swan” will premiere on July 3.

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