R&B Is The Biggest K-Pop Sound Influence Right Now—Here Are 7 Recent Bangers To Prove It

K-pop can incorporate a ton of different genres from around the world, but there’s one that’s really been trending lately—R&B! That classic sultry sound is really in this summer, and here are just a few recent releases that prove it. The vibes are immaculate across the board!

TWICE’s Nayeon – “ABCD”

A great example of modern R&B combined with the dance-centered K-pop sound, TWICE’s Nayeon came back recently with her solo title track “ABCD.” It’s a total 180 from her solo debut with “POP!” in a great way, showcasing her versatility as an artist. You can’t beat the Y2K nostalgia here!

Zico – “SPOT! (feat. Jennie)”

One of the hottest collabs of the summer, it’s Zico and BLACKPINK’s Jennie! Zico has been loyal to the hip hop and R&B sound ever since he started his career, so you can tell that he’s dedicated to this sound. If you want a groovy track that will keep you dancing all night long, this is it!


Practically the perfect example of an R&B sound in K-pop, BABYMONSTER’s recent B-side “LIKE THAT” features the sultry vocals that are a hallmark of the genre and a fairly minimal backing track. The beat keeping the song in line combined with the light melody makes for a track that’s easy listening without being boring.

THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo and Eric – “Honey”

Another song that’s a great showcase of what happens when you combine the dance-focused style of K-pop with the smoother, lighter vibes of R&B, THE BOYZ members Sunwoo and Eric totally killed it with “Honey” earlier this year. The low-key vibes of this song are totally addictive!


EVERGLOW is a girl group usually known for their high-energy dance tracks, so “ZOMBIE” is a little bit of a refreshing switch-up! The light vocals are what really make this track feel like R&B, but there’s still enough of a grounding beat in the chorus that the K-pop energy comes through. It’s a unique blend that only EVERGLOW could pull off.

Stray Kids – “Lose My Breath”

An all-English track from Stray Kids, “Lose My Breath” is a lot lighter than the average Stray Kids—but not in a bad way! The members mastered the fresh vocals, and the rap section doesn’t feel incongruous with the rest of the song. It’s a laid-back version of the K-pop/R&B mix.

NewJeans – “Bubble Gum”

If you want to push it to the max on chill R&B vibes, NewJeans’s recent release “Bubble Gum” is the perfect song. There’s enough of a backing track that the vocals don’t feel empty, but it’s not overwhelming in the slightest. Plus, it’s just fun to listen to! It’s the ideal track for summer.

Do you know any other songs that should be added to this list? Tell us down below!

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