The reality dating show “My Sibling’s Romance,” which brought together real-life couple Kim Yoon Jae and Lee Yoon Ha, recently held a post-show interview!

On June 24, “My Sibling’s Romance” unveiled an interview with Yoon Jae and Yoon Ha.

Reflecting on the program’s conclusion, Lee Yoon Ha shared, “I feel relieved,” while lamenting, “I’m unsure which program to watch on Fridays now.” Kim Yoon Jae also revealed his deep affection for Yoon Ha in his post-show comments. “I hoped the program would end soon so I could freely date Yoon Ha outside, but now that it’s over, I feel a mix of emotions.”

Navigating the complexities of dating while being around siblings naturally leads to times when they support each other or face challenges in doing so. Kim Yoon Jae shared, “Since I rarely revealed my dating life to my sister, I initially questioned if it was feasible. But over time, there were moments of impatience and difficulty where I didn’t mind if she knew or not. However, Ji Won provided me with significant support, and since things went well for me, she was happy. This made me reflect on whether I also supported my sister.” Lee Yoon Ha added, “Watching the broadcast, I realized Jung Sub had supported me greatly with tasks that could have been tough alone. Thanks to my brother, I think I was able to finish with a positive outlook until the end.”

Kim Yoon Jae, who openly expressed his strong feelings for Lee Yoon Ha with passionate confessions and memorable lines, consistently portrayed the image of a determined younger man, accompanied by the “Secret Garden” OST “Appear” playing in the background. Reflecting on this, Kim Yoon Jae said, “Watching the broadcast, I realized for the first time how honest I could be.” He added, “Seeing myself like this, I understand why ‘Appear’ was chosen as the background music.” Lee Yoon Ha shared her perspective, saying, “I watched Yoon Jae’s portrayal as a viewer,” and mentioned, “Whenever ‘Appear’ played, I clapped enthusiastically and smiled.”

As their real-life relationship progresses, they were questioned about their recent public encounters, whether they were uncomfortable with the public’s attention, and what motivated them to continue meeting after the show ended. Kim Yoon Jae remarked, “I felt quite burdened until midway through the broadcast, but now that everything’s out in the open, it doesn’t weigh on me anymore.” He continued, “Returning from Singapore and meeting Yoon Ha that evening felt as natural as water flowing—it just felt right.” Meanwhile, Lee Yoon Ha shared, “I never expected such a passionate response. It’s intimidating, but Yoon Jae has given me strong trust and guidance, which allowed me to be open about it.” She added affectionately, “Our bond has only deepened since the program ended, with each meeting strengthening our relationship.”

When asked if there were moments and remarks when they felt a special connection to each other that were not revealed on the broadcast, Kim Yoon Jae responded, “It feels like almost everything was shown on the broadcast, but every moment was special. On the boat at the end, I was nervous at first, but I felt like we were officially dating from that moment, so I could express myself freely.” Lee Yoon Ha added, “From our first date, I felt ‘this person is different.’ Regardless of the broadcast, I genuinely felt sincerity in every moment.”

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