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Golden Child’s Jaehyun recently sat down for an interview to discuss his role in “High School Return of a Gangster”!

Beginning with his feelings about concluding the drama, he expressed, “It doesn’t feel real that we’ve wrapped up. I still feel like I can’t let go of ‘High School Return of a Gangster’ and Se Kyung yet.”

When asked how he interpreted and approached the character of Choi Se Kyung, who seems like a model student but hides inner pain, he replied, “I focused heavily on portraying the character’s dual nature. Se Kyung feels pressured to maintain a perfect image for his school friends and those around him, so I worked on clearly depicting these contrasting sides.”

On wearing a school uniform again after a long time, he remarked, “It’s been a while since I last wore one, so at first, it felt quite awkward. But as I continued filming, I even felt a sense of emptiness when not in uniform.”

Reflecting on his school days, he shared, “I always got along well with friends, and I especially loved playing basketball during Physical Education (PE).”

Highlighting a memorable scene, he recalled, “It’s the scene where I express my resentment and anger toward my father because of the CCTV. It’s a moment where Se Kyung finally vocalizes the pain he’s been enduring for a long time, so that scene is the most memorable to me.”

When asked about the challenging aspects he faced while portraying Choi Se Kyung, who alternates between warmth and aloofness, he responded, “I felt it was crucial to clearly depict his dual nature. It wasn’t easy initially, but I navigated it well through discussions with the director.”

Sending a message to Choi Se Kyung, who has stepped out of his father’s shadow, he said, “Se Kyung, you’ve faced many hardships and loneliness, haven’t you? From now on, be true to yourself and cherish your time with good friends. I’m thrilled to have portrayed you!”

Regarding the on-set atmosphere and rapport with fellow actors, he noted, “The atmosphere on set was fantastic, and I had excellent chemistry with the other actors. We always filmed with smiles.”

Rating his satisfaction with the project, he said, “I feel like I learned a lot during this time, working with such excellent actors. Personally, I’m not satisfied and will continue striving to improve.” He added, “It’s a project that I will never forget and will always cherish in my heart.”

Finally, when asked if there are any genres or roles he wants to challenge himself with in the future, he said, “I want to try anything without limits. Acting brings me so much joy!”

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