Shin Ha Kyun Dishes On His Character In Upcoming Drama

Shin Ha Kyun has shared his thoughts on his character in tvN’s upcoming drama “The Auditors”!

“The Auditors” tells the story of rational audit team leader Shin Cha Il (Shin Ha Kyun) and emotional new hire Gu Han Soo (Lee Jung Ha), who work together at JU Construction, where corruption is rampant.

As the seldom-seen audit team takes center stage in the drama, Shin Ha Kyun remarked, “The topic of auditing and the audit team isn’t commonly explored in dramas, so it brings a fresh perspective.” Highlighting one of his lines, “I will strive to portray the gravity of exploiting faith to the fullest,” he expressed, “I found it intriguing that this is a story about faith and humanity.”

Shin Cha Il’s character in the drama is depicted as someone who deeply understands and punishes office wrongdoers who betray trust. Shin Ha Kyun described, “[Shin Cha Il] is astute and uncompromising, distrusting others yet dedicated to achieving excellence in his duties.”

He added, “Over time, I believe Shin Cha Il has the ability to perceive and assess issues comprehensively. He is someone who not only acts independently but also possesses the capability to influence those around him.”

To depict these various aspects, he stated, “I aimed to stay true to the script diligently to avoid missing any details. I hope Shin Cha Il’s character is portrayed in a nuanced way.”

Since the release of the teasers and stills, there has been increasing excitement about Shin Cha Il’s action sequences. Shin Ha Kyun pointed out a notable scene featuring a gas gun, saying, “It fits perfectly with the character’s circumstances, always facing enemies because of his aggressive and confrontational style, leading to perilous or unpredictable situations.”

Shin Ha Kyun highlighted the drama’s main features, noting, “The dynamic between Shin Cha Il and Gu Han Soo, along with the teamwork of the audit team, should be engaging. I’m also eager to see how the characters’ relationships develop throughout the story.”

“The Auditors” premieres on July 6 at 9:20 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, watch Shin Ha Kyun in “Beyond Evil”:

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