Jang Nara, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Jun Han, And P.O Preview Their Lawyer Roles In

Meet the divorce lawyers of “Good Partner”!

“Good Partner” is an office and law drama about star lawyer Cha Eun Kyung (Jang Nara), for whom divorce is her calling, and rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri (Nam Ji Hyun), who is new to divorce. The drama captures the unexpected separations in life plans, portraying the pragmatic and direct dilemmas that unfold when families break apart. It depicts the humorous struggles of divorce lawyers navigating the ruthless game of life balance, offering empathy and catharsis.

The drama will be penned by divorce specialist lawyer Choi Yu Na of the relatable Instagram cartoon “Marriage Red” (literal title), and the drama will be helmed by director Kim Ga Ram of “Nevertheless,” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” and “Vampire Detective.”

In the released character posters, Cha Eun Kyung emerges as a partner lawyer in Divorce Team 1, recognized as a highly respected star attorney. Her confident expression stands out prominently. Cha Eun Kyung’s sharp bob and sophisticated look show her professionalism as a seasoned lawyer, and her intense gaze hints that she will win any case exactly how her clients want.

Rookie lawyer Han Yu Ri stands out with her determined smile as she starts handling divorce cases. Her bright, eager eyes show her passion for helping clients. Although she aimed to join the corporate team, she unexpectedly finds herself on the divorce team, facing a challenging start at the firm. Han Yu Ri is known for her warmth and empathy. Despite some initial missteps, she remains dedicated to finding the best outcomes for her clients. Her intolerance for injustice often leads to clashes with the efficiency-focused Cha Eun Kyung, raising curiosity about how these conflicts will shape her.

The warm smile of Jung Woo Jin (Kim Jun Han), a partner lawyer in Daejeong Law Firm’s Divorce Team 2, is uplifting. Known for his gentle leadership, he effectively mediates conflicts, earning trust effortlessly. His comforting presence and integrity shine through in his interactions with clients. Jung Woo Jin respects Cha Eun Kyung both personally and professionally, making them a strong team. He is the only one who can keep the unstoppable Cha Eun Kyung in check.

The vibrant charm of Jeon Eun Ho (P.O), a rookie lawyer in Divorce Team 2, adds energy to the team. His cheerful smile motivates clients and reflects his upbeat personality. Jeon Eun Ho is quick to understand others’ emotions, making him a perceptive presence. To reduce turnover among new hires, he takes on the role of Han Yu Ri’s mentor.

The production team said, “The stories of the lawyers, each differing in values, experiences, personalities, and views on divorce cases, unfold in an intriguing way. Viewers will enjoy the diverse strategies they use to solve cases.” They added, “Expect episodes that resonate with the realities of Korean office workers and show growth through solidarity. The actors’ synergy will enhance the characters’ appeal and deepen viewer engagement.”

“Good Partner” is set to premiere on July 12 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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