Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, And More Fight For Survival In The New Human Era In

Netflix’s upcoming original series “Sweet Home” Season 3 has released new stills ahead of its premiere!

Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Sweet Home” is a popular series about a loner high school student who moves into a new apartment when monsters start breaking out among humanity and the apartment residents are trapped inside the building. “Sweet Home” Season 3 portrays the intense struggles of people caught between monsters and humans as the world shifts from monsterization to a new human era.


The latest stills depict a striking image of Hyun Su (Song Kang), his eyes ablaze with determination as he moves forward with fiery wings. Having lost loved ones and narrowly avoiding becoming a monster after the phenomenon, Hyun Su sparks curiosity this season about his ability to regain his humanity and protect others.

Meanwhile, Sang Wook (Lee Jin Wook) heightens suspense with his relentless pursuit of greater strength and a flawless physique, willing to go to any lengths. Moving from the lab to the stadium, Sang Wook promises to disrupt and divide survivors, asserting his dominance.

In Season 3, Yi Kyung (Lee Si Young), who shocked viewers by transforming into a monster in Season 2, now appears in human form, raising expectations for her role amidst the turmoil of guilt, responsibility, and maternal instincts.

Eun Yu (Go Min Si) refuses to abandon those around her even in dire situations, striving to survive together. A highlight this season is Eun Yu’s remarkable reunion with her long-lost brother Eun Hyeok (Lee Do Hyun), setting the stage for a new storyline. A still image of Eun Yu and Eun Hyeok facing each other suggests subtle changes in their dynamics, sparking curiosity about Eun Hyeok’s return. Previously presumed lost, Eun Hyeok’s unexpected reappearance in a transformed state raises questions about how humanity’s resurgence will impact the outcome of the monster crisis.

Furthermore, Chan Yeong (Jung Jinyoung), poised for battle amidst flames, showcases his courageous spirit, willing to risk everything to rescue survivors. His steadfast commitment to justice in a transformed world adds depth to the intrigue surrounding his ongoing actions.

In the stadium, leading the survivors is Tak In Hwan (Yoo Oh Sung) of the Crow Platoon, known for his intense focus on special infections and humanity’s resurgence. Also featured are Dr. Lim (Oh Jung Se), resolute in protecting people by returning to the stadium, and Sergeant Kim Yeong Hu (Kim Moo Yeol), a former UDT diver with unique abilities on the human-monster boundary. They navigate an increasingly chaotic world since humanity’s return, each driven by distinct goals, ensuring ongoing suspense.

Additionally, “Sweet Home 3” will delve into the stories of Chief Ji (Kim Shin Rok), a respected figure in the Stadium, Ha Ni (Chae Won Bin), who roams the streets freely, and Young Soo (Choi Go), raised in the stadium after leaving Green Home.

To see how it all wraps up, tune in as “Sweet Home” Season 3 premieres on July 19!

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