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tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen 2” has revealed key highlights to watch for!

“Jinny’s Kitchen 2” is a show that will explore the inner workings of a Korean restaurant led by a dedicated boss and passionate employees.

This time around, the second branch of the restaurant will open its doors in Iceland to greet guests. Boss Lee Seo Jin, along with Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and new staff member Go Min Si, will be on hand to serve up steaming hot gomtang, a traditional Korean beef bone soup, amidst the chilly winds of Iceland. Their aim is to not only warm the cold but also melt the hearts of their customers.

Before its premiere, tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen 2” unveiled three reasons to look forward to the show!

The first Korean traditional restaurant in Iceland

Lee Seo Jin, who developed a love for gomtang a decade ago, fulfills his dream with “Jinny’s Kitchen 2.” Despite Iceland’s harsh climate, he launches Jinny’s Pot, the country’s inaugural Korean restaurant, serving heartfelt gomtang and a variety of Korean dishes tailored to local tastes.

Despite concerns about slow business in Iceland’s cold weather, a surprising number of customers visit, creating an impressive scene. The continuous flow of guests and long waiting lines astonish the staff, who question their ability to manage until closing time. Additionally, there are signs of potentially record-breaking sales for the “Jinny’s Kitchen” series, marking the remarkable success of Iceland’s first Korean restaurant, Jinny’s Pot.

Employees’ promotion and the new well-rounded intern Go Min Si

This season brings a major shake-up in employee roles thanks to CEO Lee Seo Jin’s bold decisions. In a newly unveiled poster, Jung Yu Mi rises to managing director, Park Seo Joon takes on director duties, and longtime intern Choi Woo Shik scores a rapid promotion to assistant manager, capturing attention. As the saying goes, “the position makes the person,” curiosity is sparked about how these changes will affect them.

Most eagerly anticipated is the arrival of new intern Go Min Si. Known for a diverse background including various part-time jobs and professional experience, Go Min Si impresses with natural social skills, a proactive attitude, dedication to tasks, and efficient work, quickly earning the respect of senior colleagues. The interaction between the golden intern Go Min Si and the existing team promises to heighten viewer enjoyment with their fresh chemistry.

The best management philosophy: “Customer is King”

CEO Lee Seo Jin’s management approach, once focused on “sales are king” in Mexico’s Bacalar, undergoes a complete transformation. In Iceland, Lee Seo Jin operates Jinny’s Pot with a customer-first philosophy, treating guests with utmost respect. Interest is mounting in Lee Seo Jin’s role, where his new management style will be on display.

Adding to the excitement is the rotating head chef system. Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik will take turns leading the kitchen, each contributing their unique style to shape the dining experience. Furthermore, the chefs are armed with secret culinary delights to satisfy local palates, sparking even more curiosity.

“Jinny’s Kitchen 2” is set to premiere on June 28 at 8:40 p.m KST. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, watch Lee Seo Jin, Park Seo Joon, and Jung Yu Mi in “Youn’s Kitchen 2”:

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